Thursday, December 3, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

is apparently a ceramic flat iron. How's that for random?

Ok, this is me at the mall last week.

Tra la la, shopping with my mom!
And my sister!
And my daughter!
And my neice!
Just us girls shootin' the breeze...
Looking for some baby clothes... (For my sister, not me.)
Minding our own business...
Everything's great...

You know those middle kiosks in the mall with the crazy-aggressive sales people? Well I always take extra care to avoid eye contact because I hate their in-you-face attitude. I hate being sold. DO NOT try to sell me. If I want something, I will come to you, and if I can get it on the Internet where I don't have to talk to a sales person at all, even better.

Anyway, so this lady practically tackled us to the ground. She jumped in front of us and was just RIGHT THERE. What other choice did we have but to watch her demonstration? She was practically straightening my mom's hair before we stopped walking.

But then she dropped that single strand of hair and it fell so pristine against my mom's head that we all did a double take. I literally jumped into her chair chanting, "Do mine! Do Mine!"

I kid you not, maybe two minutes later I looked like I'd stepped off the set of a Pantene Pro-V commercial. Normally, I would not be so excited about this, because my hair is usually pretty shiny and sleek on it's own, but since I moved to Arizona it's sort of staged a revolt. It's so dry here and no matter what I do, my hair is frizzy frizzy frizzy and completely unmanageable. Which, for a red-head like me is very unfortunate because you end up looking like BoZo the clown.

Now I've used flat irons before, and they never work very well and they take forever and they pull your hair and rip it all up. But this one... It was like magic. Can I just tell you, I WANT ONE!

I fell in love and the woman, seeing a glimmer of hope at a possible sale, stopped me from getting out of the chair and said, "You haven't even seen the coolest part yet." Then me, Little Miss don't sell me crap, was all, "You mean it gets better?"

That woman took that magic flat iron and proceeded to curl my stick straight hair into perfect ringlets and she did it as quickly as she'd just straightened it. And the curls lasted ALL DAY! They were still there until I got in the shower the next morning.

Never, in all my life that I can remember, has a beauty product rocked my world. Kudos to you ceramic-flat-iron sales girl! You definitely sold me. Well, sort of. I didn't actually buy one because the stupid thing was a hundred bucks and my husband would have killed me. Oh, but I want one! And the day will come when I have an excuse to spend that kind of money on something completely trivial and than I am so there!


  1. So did you get the flat iron? :)

  2. She did get the flat iron. Her mom and one of her best friends both got her one for Christmas. Needless to say her mom was a little disappointed cause Kelly’s friend stole her thunder but Kelly did get her Christmas wish. I think she took the second one back but I don’t know what she got to replace it.