Sunday, April 25, 2010

Third Time's A Charm...

Never say never. No, really. Otherwise you end up knocked up. After my second child was born I said never ever EVER again, and look at me now...

Okay, so there's not much to see yet, but really, I'm' okay with that.
I'm 19 weeks now, (which for me is officially more than half way since I get to deliver early, woohoo!) and I'm just barely starting to show. On the down side, I always feel like I just look fat, but on the up side, maybe I won't gain 60 pounds this time around like I did with each of my first two.

I'm in maternity clothes now, but had to put on regular clothes for the pictures because my maternity clothes still swim on me and you can't see the baby bump when I wear them.

In fact, I'll post two more. One of me from straight on, and how you can't really tell I'm pregnant. I just look like my hips are abnormally wide. (which they so are right now--I swear my butt has gotten bigger than my belly at this point.) And then one where I'm holding my baby bump, trying to make it more obvious...

So there you have it. Pregnant pictures. I'll have to post more when I'm further along. I also have a couple of sonogram pictures, but for some reason I can't get my scanner working, so I'll have to wait until my much more computer savvy husband comes home and can help me. 

But for now just let me say that it's a bouncing baby boy! And he was an active little squirt during the ultrasound. The technician had a hard time getting a clear profile shot of him because she said he just wouldn't hold still. She said he kept running away from her. He wouldn't let us get a great view of his face either, but he was more than happy to give us the most clear shot of his little you-know-what. Seriously, it's like he was proudly showing off his manhood and then laughing at us. Nice. Such a boy. (I guess he got a couple of Uncle Kyle's genes. Pity. hahahahaha.) 

Unfortunately little Oram will most likely never have a first name. Josh and I can't ever pick boys names. (Hence the reason little Josh is a Junior...)  Right now the closest we've got is Ryan, or maybe Jared but chances are we'll be forced to just jot something, anything, down on the birth certificate out of necessity. So, we are open to suggestions if you have any!!!

No, really, we need all the help we can get. The kid is seriously not going to have a name otherwise.


  1. Im just gonna go out on a limb and post some R names and J names because you seem to like them. Jason, Justin, Jake, (ewe twilight, don't do it), Jesse, Jimmy, Johnny (but only if his middle name is Danger), Jetson, Royal, Rich, Randy, Roger, (Im discovering R names get suckier as I go) I'll get back to you. GOOOOD luck!

  2. hahaha did you know that Carlisle, Emmit, Jasper, Edward, Jacob, Bella, Isabella, Rosalie and Esme all made the 100 most popular baby names last year? Gag. (Poor Alice was the only one who didn't make it.) Yes, I used to really like Jacob, but it's ruined for me now thanks to the crap movies. Did you see the Eclipse trailer? "I want you to pick me," he said broodingly... then Edward shows up and things go from bad to worse.... *shudder*

  3. D'oh! I forgot. Renesmee didn't make the list either. (But you know SOMEBODY out there totally named their poor child that somewhere...)

  4. My first son's name is Murdock Henry. The one I get to meet this summer will be Watson but we can't agree on a middle name to save our souls. Here are the boy names that my husband will NEVER let me name a child: Atticus, Noah, Joseph and Griffin.
    Good luck! Picking the name is always an adventure! And don't worry, I gained 90lbs with my first. It happens.

  5. ps, i love ryan. i vote for that one. oh and i miss you.. oh and your baby bump is sexy :) muaahhh!

  6. OMG!! you are STILL incredibly beautiful.. so not fair! you still have a waist line.. see, all that throwing up.. hahahaha! j/k of course! And I love your butt. Girls with butts ROCK!

    Um.. I love the name Ryan, so I am no help! hahaha! You could always have a Chris, or .. hmmm. Nathan. I have a Sam, so you could have a Dean!! I'll have to get back to you when I think of some more..

  7. I love boy names...It's the girl names I have difficultly with...

    Since you like Ryan, here are some less common names that are similar.

    As for names that I love...

    Brody (my little man)
    Jake (I don't care if it's a Twilight name...I love it)

    Girl, I could go on forever.

    Congrats, by the way, I didn't even realize you were expecting.

  8. Hope you don't mind me offering an opinion, take it for what its worth! I like the idea of sticking with "J" names. Personally, I like Jonah, Justin, Jayson, and Jordan. Just my two cents. Best of luck, make sure you post your final decision for a name!