Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

Look at me with another blog so soon after the last. Who knows? Maybe I'll get better at this blog thing. But... seeing as how I cheated and just ripped this entry off from my husband's blog... maybe not.

A while back my husband decided he wanted to do a photo comparison between the two of us growing up. The man is a talented, creative, genius who loves me more than I deserve, and the result of his project was so fantastic that I just had to post it on my blog as well. Enjoy the pictures and little tidbits of information about me and Josh! And thank you so much for doing this for us Honey! I love you forever!!

For some reason my blog is a lot skinnier than Josh's so I had to size the pictures down in order to make them fit. If you have trouble reading the type, just click on the pictures to make them bigger. Sorry about that. Josh says my blog is not as cool as his now. (But Mine is pinker!)


  1. This is awesome! I love it! It really was a lot of fun watching your guys "whirl-wind romance"!

  2. ha! You must have been one of the few who didn't blink.

  3. Very cute! :) So, I hit the "Senior Year" pics and thought, hey! I knew him! If I remember right, he went to the Walnut Creek Singles ward a bit before his that right? And I remember something about drums in someone's backyard at a farewell party we had before he left. I guess you didn't know him then though... I wouldn't have made the connection - maybe it's the hair/glasses? btw, you are gorgeous! :)

  4. love it! you are so lucky to have skipped the big bang era... those pictures will haunt me forever!