Thursday, June 10, 2010

Men Are From Mars. Women Are from Venus.

Today I had the pleasure of babysitting some of my nieces and my nephew and every time I have them all, I'm always amazed at the stark differences between boys and girls. Case in point:

The Boys:

I guess you're never too young to play Aliens and Space Marines. And while they were running around the house, jumping on my furniture, killing each other, this is what the girls were doing...

The Girls:

Any questions?

*note that Baby Bunny is wearing the same dress as Jackie. This is not coincidence.

Okay, so my moron self somehow deleted this video for good, but it was all the girls sitting quietly at their coloring/craft table making pictures for their moms very nice and quietly.


  1. lol I have witnessed this same thing with my own kids. The two boys ruled the roost for the first few years at our house then when my oldest daughter was around one I discovered her rocking Batman to sleep and realized I seriously needed to by the poor girl a doll!

  2. Those boys were too funny! I laughed out loud when your nephew dropped his gun, because he'd been shot, and rolled to the floor!

  3. You have the most adorable kids ever! I bet little Matthew would be just as cute as Josh and Jackie! And your nephew is one artist to fall down on the floor like that!

    Loved the Baby Bunny and Jackie fashion match!