Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Newfound Respect For Mothers Of Multiples

The following video will be most accurate if you turn the sound all the way up before viewing...

The baby on the left is my nephew Zachary and the one with the obnoxious lungs on the right is my dear, sweet Matthew. My sister and I were due on the same day but Matthew arrived 9 days early while Zack came 8 days late (Sucked to be my sister!) so they are about two and a half weeks apart.

So, my newfound respect for mothers of multiples...

The other day I had to watch my sister's kids for her. Aside from new little Zack she also has a very rambunctious two-year-old (Benji) and a sassy four-year-old (Kimberly). I had all three of them plus Matthew. (needless to say if my older two kids weren't in school at the time I would have lost my marbles)

Things started out fairly well--both newborns sleeping while the other two quietly ate breakfast. Zack started crying first so I was holding him. But then Matthew wakes up and of course it's time to eat. So I lay Zack next to me on the couch and start feeding Matthew. (keep in mind I mean breastfeeding.) Well Zack just won't stop screaming so I try to pick him up. I am literally breastfeeding Matthew in my left arm and holding Zack against my right shoulder trying to burp him because now he's cried so much he's got a bubble in his tummy. This soothes him for about five minutes and I start to think I'm just so talented and have this twin thing under control.

Enter Kimberly and Benjamin. By now the Lucky Charms I fed them for breaksast is kicking in and they begin wrestling each other on the couch next to me. They are biting each other's toes (gross, I know). I tell them to stop but what can I really do with a baby in each arm, one of which is literally attached to me?

So, said wrestlers end up kicking Zack's foot, which is all it takes to set him off screaming again. This gets Kimberly and Benji's attention so they take the toe-eating WWF onto the floor. Zack is still crying, Kimberly bites Benji's toe too hard. Benji hits Kimberly in retaliation. I threaten time-outs. And thankfully Kimberly and Benjamin are now mad enough at each other that they no longer want to play together and WWF ends.

I go back to trying to quiet Zack and no sooner do I get him quiet, then a stark naked Benji brings me his big boy pants yelling, "Aunt Kelly, pee pee! Pee pee!" He's pointing to the spot on the couch where he has peed all over it.

Now I have to put both babies down and Matthew is not finished eating and therefore thinks the world is coming to an end and it's his duty to let everyone know.

And this is how my sister finds me. Two screaming newborns, one butt-naked two-year-old running around with dripping underpants, and pee drying all over the couch. And all I can think at the time is, "Well at least Kimberly isn't sucking on Benjiman's toes anymore."

True story.


  1. Roflmao! That sounds like of them AFV moments. Ah, that is just crazy - though, it sounds kinda entertaining as an outsider. And to think, I some day hope to have twins - lol.


  2. It doesn't even have to be two kids the same age--just two or more crying at your at the same time makes you respect moms of multiples! Gotta hand it to you for keeping your composure. :) Go Aunt Kelly!

  3. lol! way to stay optimistic! :)