Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Story (That doesn't shoot anyone's eye out.)

Children are great. Okay, sometimes children are great. Today, when my son had a massive meltdown about getting out of the bath and then sat in the empty tub screaming for half an hour? Not so great. But the other night when we were talking about the true meaning of christmas with our kids? Great.

So, funny story. The other night we were reading this story in the December Friend magazine about Christmas. In the story the mom was telling her kids how Jesus Christ was God's gift to us and that we should give gifts back to God to show our appreciation.

So we asked our kids how can we give Heavenly Father gifts? Josh gave us a blank stare. Jackie thought about it really hard for a minute and then (in all seriousness) answered, "You can wait until you're really old. Then you make Him a present and hold on to it really tight. That way, when you die you take it with you to heaven and you can give it to Him."

Kids are seriously the best.

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Here's the link for the story we read. It's called Straw For The Manger.


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