Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday traditions, not traditional holidays.

We'll start with the Oram family Thanksgiving in 30 seconds...

(If you're reading this via goodreads, you'll have to visit the actual blog to see the video.)

I know what you're thinking. Where's all the pictures of the food? Did anyone watch the Lions play? And... was that a camel???

I can explain.

There is nothing my husband hates more in life than Thanksgiving. Seriously. He hates it. Hates loud family gatherings. Hates football. Hates turkey, stuffing, yams... pretty much all food served at Thanksgiving dinner save the pumpkin pie.

Well, he married into the right family because as much as he hates Thanksgiving dinner, I hate cooking it. (And cleaning it.) I get this from my mother. Growing up, my family decided cooking thanksgiving dinner was overrated and a waste of a day off, so we always went to a buffet every year and spent our time saved not cooking or cleaning doing fun things like going to the zoo or bowling or the movies.

When my husband learned of this he was basically thrilled. This year, in grand Hamilton tradition, we went  went with my parents to the Phoenix zoo, then to the buffet, and then took the kids to see Tangled. (Very cute but I was disappointed in the music. The horse=awesomest character in the movie.)

And then there's Christmas...

Traditional, right?

What? You don't make smores over a campfire on your back patio every year? At least there was hot chocolate involved. See?

(Yeah, I'm totally rockin' the I heart Troy High School Musical mug. I'm cool like that.)

 Okay, this is only the second year doing this, (and last year I wasn't there because my husband and I jumped a plane to Germany Christmas day and left my kids with my sister...) but it's also only our second Arizona Christmas. I have a feeling this one's going to stick! Here are a couple of thing the kiddos got for Christmas this year. Santa was really nice to me and brought Josh and Jackie a trampoline. Better than a babysitter!


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