Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I'm counting the days for...

Obviously one of the things I've been looking forward to all year is the release of my very first novel. Yay for being a published author! I've been so anxious and excited about this for so long now that once it finally happened I was worried I'd feel a bit empty inside. But as it turns out I have several other things I'm counting down the days for just as much.

TWO WEEKS AND SIX DAYS!!  First things first, I am so counting down the days until school starts again! Little Josh graduated Kindergarten back in May. As cute as that was, and as much as I love him, I simply cannot wait for August 9th to roll around! This year, not only will Little Josh be in first grade, but his little sister Jackie will be starting kindergarten. (And in the lovely city of Maricopa, kindergarten happens to be all day just like the big kids!) 

Both kids in school all day long? Now this I have been looking forward to for years! I had it all planned out too. Send them off to school and take a stab at full time writing. Granted I've botched the plan a bit by adding a newborn to the mix. Still, having some time just me and the new little guy sounds just as nice.

FIVE WEEKS FROM TODAY! You can call me a dork all you want, but I am seriously looking forward to the release of the third book in the Hunger Games series! These books are simply amazing and I am dying (yes, literally dying) to see how it all ends! Suzanne Collins can string me along any time she wants, because some things are worth the wait. I really hope Katniss sticks it to the Capitol in a really big way. (And because I know you're wondering, I am so completely team GALE!)

And last but not least...

EIGHT WEEKS TOO MANY! Probably the biggest event in my life this year (yes, publishing was huge, but this little guy is going to have a good eight pounds on the book at least!) is the arrival of baby number three. Little Matthew as we're pretty sure he's going to be called is scheduled to arrive September 14th -- Eight weeks from today. And like I said, that feels like eight weeks too many! 

Hey, if you were this huge, and it was a million degrees out, you'd want to be done too. Trust me. (Plus, you know, I'm really excited to meet the newest member of the Oram family.)