Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day Fiasco!

Today was my kids' first day of school and yesterday we spent the evening preparing for it--talking about it so the kids wouldn't be scared, picking out what to wear, putting names on backpacks, gathering all supplies, filling their "get-to-know-me" bags, etc, etc...  Oh, yeah, we were ready.

Um, not.

So this morning everything goes very smoothly. The kids were excited, so they got out of bed right away and didn't take five hundred years to get dressed and eat breakfast. We were all in great moods and all ready to go and then...

Jackie had no shoes.

I don't mean like we couldn't find one, I mean she didn't have any. At all. Period. I know what you're thinking, how does this happen? Well, the kid is just like her mom. If it's not a flip flop, she doesn't want to wear it. Oh, she had a pair of tennis shoes, but it's Arizona in the summer, so I never thought twice about the fact that she outgrew those shoes months ago and stopped wearing them. So when it came time to put her shoes on this morning, I told her to go get them and she said, "Mom, they got too small so I gave them to Ally."

She had given her shoes to her cousin, so there wasn't even a pair to squish on her feet just for the day. Literally all she had was a few pairs of sandals and Sunday shoes. Well at her school, they don't allow any type of sandals or anything open-toed or anything with a heel-- they'll send the kids home. And since Jackie has excellent taste in cute shoes, there wasn't a single pair of shoes in the house that she could wear to school. 

Let's just say that we had to scramble to get out the door this morning, because we had to make an unexpected stop to buy a pair of shoes so that my daughter could go to school. We were almost late. ON THE FIRST DAY. We made it--barely--but the kids were flustered and we didn't get to take any pictures before class. (So sad.)

I had to wait to get pics until the kids got home, so in these, they're all sweaty and Jack's hair is a mess, but they're still cute. It's funny though, Jackie (who started kindergarten and had her first full day of school ever) was so tired she could barely hold it together long enough for me to get a decent photo. (If you click on the picture of Little Josh to see it bigger, you'll notice Jackie in the background crying because a fly landed on her.) 

On a happier note... Both kids said they had a great day and proudly reported that they didn't get in trouble even once. (The same could not be said for some little boy named Jonah apparently.) And after a nice after-school snack and some down time, Jackie is feeling much better and will most definitely sleep very well tonight.

And what did mommy do with her first day of no children all day? Oh, I had a whole list of things I wanted to do, and I was excited. But....

I came home and went back to bed... hahahaha. Most of my list will have to wait until tomorrow.