Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on the new year... and the resolutions!

Happy New Year!
(Here's one for the grandmas.)
The Oram Family January 1, 2011
Kelly, Josh, Matthew(3 1/2mos.), Jackie(6-in 5 days.), Josh jr.(7)

Some people rag on New Year Resolutions. *cough* Josh *cough* But some of us aren't as naturally organized, and motivated, and self disciplined as my husband and need to have specific goals set. I, the queen of procrastination, also need the looming deadline, so I'm all about resolutions. 

2010 was a fairly big year for me. I took my first trip to Europe, published a book, and had a baby. Busy, busy, busy. And it all flew by in a blink. 

2011 should be a relatively calm year but with two main events. (Assuming I manage not to have any more babies!) First I turn the big 30 in March, and then I will celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary in September. (Hmm... I wonder if I can talk my husband into taking me on a cruise. I've never done that.)

Anyway, in anticipation of this relative calm I'm expecting, I'm going to set myself some time consuming goals this year.

1. Lose the weight.
This is completely unoriginal and unexciting, I know, but seeing as how I had that baby last year it's also completely necessary. I plan to lose at least 15 pounds. I figure a half a pound for every year I am old sounds reasonable. It should also put me comfortably back into the majority of the clothes hanging in my closet. Ideally 25 pounds would be best because that would put me back in my skinniest skinny jeans, but we'll see. I'll start with something a little less daunting.

2. Get in shape.
Again, I'm going with unoriginal, but I don't just want to lose the weight, I'd like to get healthier in general, so I'm making the goal to work out as well. A bunch of the ladies from my church have a great exercise program that they do 5 days a week. I've been going one of these five days and am thinking I'll join the full program this year. And who knows, since they're all marathon runners, maybe I'll even be adventurous and run a 5k. (for the record this would probably kill me, so no promises.) 

3. Read a book or two.
A week that is. Last year I averaged about two books a week. This year I'd like to read a book a week. But I am going to set a specific goal that I branch out and read at least one non YA book a month and one of the books I read this year must be a classic. I'd also like to set a goal to review each book I read this year on my blog. I love reading book blogs and while I know I don't have the time it takes to keep up with starting a book blog, I do love sharing my thoughts on the books I read, so I'll be posting those here.

4. Write a book or two.
As I just completed a manuscript, I really don't want to let myself "take a break" now that I'm done. When I did that last time it took me a year to really start writing again. So, this year's writing goal is to finish my current work in progress, which has about seven chapters to go, and then start and complete a first draft of something completely new by the end of the year. With my busy schedule, this should take some effort, but should still be completely doable. 

5. Find an agent.
Though I can't really set this as a goal because it's not one hundred percent in my control, I'd like to have an agent by the end of the year as well. I didn't seek representation with my first book and really wish I had. So right now I'm cleaning up my next completed manuscript and compiling a list of agents I'd like to contact. Exciting times! We'll have to see how that goes, but hopefully someone will be brave and take me on. And hopefully it won't take me to the end of the year to find someone. 

Well, that's it. And that's enough for one year, wouldn't you say? Wish me luck!


  1. Happy New Year Kelly! :D

    I just wanted to let you know that I loved Being Jamie Baker, and I think I'm gonna reread it soon and post a review. We'll see how my school schedule goes though. :P

    I also really like your blog, so I've passed on a blog award to you at my blog here.

    I'm sorry if you don't accept awards, but I still wanted to pass it on and spread the word about your awesome blog. :)


  2. Aw, thanks Ambur. Happy New Year to you too! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Also, thanks for the blog award. I'm not really sure how those work, but I'm glad you like the blog. (I still have a hard time understanding why anyone would ever care about my random ramblings lol.)