Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My love for writing has been renewed!

I've totally been slacking on the blog entries! Once a slacker, always a slacker I suppose. lol. I'll have you know though, that even though it's taken me too long to get to this blog entry I've still been loosing that weight, reading my book a week, and am working like crazy on a brand new story that I'm super excited about.(The exercise goal, though, has been a huge resolutionFAIL. Oops! Better luck this month, right?)

It feels good to be excited about a writing project again. After finishing my latest manuscript I went back to see what I had, and planed on finishing a story that I've had in the works for a while. But I just couldn't get myself motivated to do it. Writing can be tricky like that. If you aren't excited about your project it's torture and will drag on forever. (And if you're me, it will make you really cranky and turn you into Momzilla.) BUT when a project clicks, you learn just how productive you can be and you remember why you like to write. That's where I'm at right now.

It used to be that I only wrote as a hobby because I thought it was a fun time filler when I was stuck at home with no car and two small babies. I loved writing my cheesy fan fiction and fictionpress stories. But after Being Jamie Baker was published something changed. I was no longer just writing to write. I was writing to accomplish something. There was suddenly all this pressure and a feeling of expectation. Writing became a job. It was work.

Don't get me wrong, I've definitely grown in my writing since deciding to take it seriously, and I'm grateful to feel like I'm making progress. But it has been a lot harder to relax and just love what I'm doing. I haven't been able to write just for the sake of writing.

Until now.

I decided that since I was having such a hard time getting into my other work in progress, why make myself do it? It's an old idea that's been in my "story ideas" notebook for years. Yes, I think it's fun, but it is also a little dated to my tastes. I'm not the same writer I was back when I came up with that idea. I have different tastes now. So I decided it was best to just shelf the old story and ignore the "story ideas" notebook this time, and come up with something completely new.


I have been having so much fun developing this new idea that I am finally writing just to be writing again. Yes, I'm still analyzing every line and being anal about the structure and outline, but even that has just been fun. I'm excited to be writing again. FINALLY.

            Let's all do a happy dance to celebrate this momentous occasion! 

FYI: I found the dancing frog here.


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