Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First trimester blahs...

Um yeah... Obviously if I'm suffering the first trimester blahs then I am--you guessed it--pregnant. Yes, again. I know, I know, I just got done being pregnant, but, Oram baby number four is on it's way nevertheless. And I am so tired of being tired. And nauseated. And scatterbrained. And irritable. And nauseated.

Yes, I have the first trimester blahs in a big way. On the bright side I'm only a little bit pregnant in these hot Arizona summer months as opposed to last summer when I was bursting at the seams pregnant in the miserable months. And on the other bright side I'm almost done with the first trimester.  I'm due Feb.17th and am just about 12 weeks now so I should hopefully be feeling better soon. (Wishful thinking really if I compare with the rest of my pregnancies, but I'm going to will it to be so this time.)

SO... I blame my lack of reading, writing, blogging, exercising and well, just about everything these last few months on little baby D. (As in A B C D. Actual name to be determined later...)

Also I blame it on summer break. But in that there is also a bright side. Summer break is almost OVER. Oh, yeah. School starts on Monday for my rugrats and not that I don't love them to pieces, but Monday can't come fast enough!

And you want to know the best news of all? My husband is done traveling!!!! (YAY!!!) For the last two years he's been doing the long distance commute thing. We live in Arizona and he works (or I should say worked) in Los Angeles. He kept an apartment there and came home on the weekends. So we had him home for about a day and a half of every week for the last two years. Can I just tell you that that totally sucked? It was a necessary evil, but now it is over and I feel like I am no longer a single parent! (Of course I am going to have to learn how to stay on my side of the bed again but there are worse things.)

Okay, so now that this blog is completely all over the place (which of course I blame on my pregnancy brain) I will end your suffering and stop blabbering. 


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