Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I love it when a book surprises me!

I was complaining last week that I was desperate for a really good book because I'd read just a string of really blah, just okay, not memorable books, and I wanted something fabulous to recharge me. Well this week I got a little more than I asked for with three in a row. (Love!)

First I read Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer, which is of course the sequel to the awesome book, Nightshade. I knew I would like this one seeing as I'd enjoyed the first one so much and had been patiently waiting for the last year to read it. And, no surprise, Ms Cremer didn't disappoint. I loved the next installment of this exciting and romantic adventure and loved all the new characters. Of course I want to stab the ending cliffy as much as I love it for making me need to read the next one, but hey, this blog entry is not supposed to be a rant about cliffhangers. (for once! lol) The third book is titled Bloodrose and is slated to release January 24, 2012. Which feels like forever but is actually a lot sooner than I thought it would be so I'm not complaining. (Much :P ) Anyway, Andrea Cremer = the Nightshade books = Kelly is a very happy reader! 5 stars!  

Next, I Breezed through The Eternal Ones by Kristen Miller which I liked more than I'd expected. Not one of my all-time favorites but still a worthwhile read. I finished it thinking better than the blah books I'd been reading lately. I teetered between three and four stars with it and since there's no 3.5 I decided to go with four. 

I liked the concept even though I think the subject reincarnation and soul mates is very hard to accomplish. I think Kristen Miller did a good job handling it by adding the mystery element of the story. The lead wasn't just automatically totally head over heels in love with this guy she remembered from another life. (Well, okay that's a lie. She was. But it was somehow different with the I-don't-trust-you factor.) I loved that she started questioning her reasoning of why she kept finding him in all her lives and I think that's what kept the story appealing to me. I recently read another book that dealt with a character recalling past life after past life and seeing her romance play out over time and I seriously gagged several times and wanted to stab something by the time I was finished with the book. It was the biggest disappointment I've had this year. But, like I said, Ms Miller did a great job with this and I really enjoyed her book. 

I think the reason I hesitated between three and four stars instead of a solid four was because I didn't really care for the main love interest. (I know, right?) How can Kelly love a book if she doesn't have a fictional boyfriend to steal away from the main character? I got frustrated with him a lot, but I didn't completely hate him, so it wasn't enough to ruin the book. Just enough to leave it a little less satisfying. Do I think everyone reading the book will feel that way about him? I doubt it. I'd definitely say give this book a chance.

And finally, the book I actually started this blog to gush over....

I absolutely LOVED Immortal Beloved by Cate Tiernan! To get back to the title of this blog entry (finally, yes, I know) I LOVE it when a book surprises me! I can't believe this book sat on my shelf for almost a year and I hadn't read it until now. This book was one I'd picked up randomly off the shelf at the bookstore having never heard anything about it and being unfamiliar with the author. I was simply sold by the summary, but obviously not enough to read it immediately. Well, I finally got to it and just.. YAY!

This book was simply nothing like the story I'd expected from it. It was nothing like anything I've read for a long time. I expected the same old supernatural adventure. You know, new girl coming to new town, new school, new people--then she realized something's different, she's special, she's in danger---cue completely hot, mysterious, and all around perfect, tall dark and brooding Mr Right to come in, sweep our heroine off her feet, and let her save the day with her awesome newly-discovered powers. Don't get me wrong, I love that story, I've read it a bazillion times and I don't get tired of it. But this book, while it is like that a little, it's really not. 

This book is really about a girl struggling to find herself. It's a beautiful, emotional, coming-of-age type of story told in a unique exciting supernatural way. With Immortal Beloved, Ms Tiernen took everything I love about contemporary fiction and mashed it together perfectly with everything I love about fantasy. The combination was a surprising book that felt so completely exciting and refreshing and touching all at the same time. Kudos to Ms Tiernan! 

I was intrigued with the world she'd set up, in love with the idea of Immortal rehab roughing it style. Loved that the character was going through all of her trials because she herself had decided to face her inner demons. I loved learning the history of the main character and seeing how all of her 450 years of existence had shaped who she had become and I loved how her story of self realization and personal growth was the main focus of this book. I cried like five times. (Though I feel the need to warn you that I am pregnant right now and beyond overemotional. I cried like fifty times yesterday over things like my kids telling a joke, and a commercial I'd seen, and stubbing my toe, so I'm not sure how valid my tears throughout this book were.) 

So, anyway thumbs up for Immortal Beloved. I was so sad when I got to the end. (Of course it ended just as things were getting really, really good!) But I immediately went and looked up the release of the next book and it's not the end of the world. January. I will survive. Maybe. But only because Maze Runner 3 is almost here.  (SQUEE!!!)

So now my dear readers... Assuming I actually have readers, and assuming that you made it to the end of this blog that wins points for being the longest entry ever. (You're totally awesome if you got this far, btw!) My question is this...   

Cate Tiernan is the well known author of the best-selling SWEEP series. I admit I've heard of these books so many times and have heard people rave about them but for some reason always figured I wouldn't like them. Am I stupid for thinking this? Have you read the Sweep series? Did you like it? How does it compare to Immortal Beloved? Should I give them a try??? This inquiring mind needs to hear your opinion! Thanks in advance!



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