Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh, the joys of writing. (she said sarcastically...)

This is me taking a moment to vent. (Please note how efficiently I am avoiding my manuscript right now.)

First of all LIFE. Life is so inconvenient for writers.Life can seriously suck dry your inspiration and motivation. If I could sit all day in a dark cave with my lap top and an IV that pumped Diet Coke, I might accomplish something once in a while... But alas, I am first and foremost a stay home mom. Anyone who has the notion that this is a simple task please, please, please, trade me lives for a week. I'm not complaining about my life. I love it and am truly blessed. I'm just busy which makes it hard to get the kind of writing done that I'd like to. I can't keep up with myself.

This year the holidays were a little more hectic, and tedious, and all-around draining for me than usual. Plus I spent nearly a month babysitting extra children. And, of course, there's that minor detail that I'm eight and a half months pregnant which means I'm constantly exhausted, miserably uncomfortable, and have absolutely no brain cells left with which to function.

Long story short, I haven't written a paragraph in nearly two months. I HATE that. Writing is my sanity. I seriously feel it when it's been longer than a week and here I am nearly TWO MONTHS later and still sitting in the same scene I was when I hit my NaNo word count. The time away has sucked me dry of all that momentum I'd had and given me a serious mental road block. I know what needs to happen next but for some reason I'm completely stuck. Usually a case of writer's block this bad stems from some sort of plot hole. Problem is, this time I'm not seeing the plot hole. The scene just isn't coming together and I can't figure out why. Probably because I'm rusty and tired. (and possibly too pregnant to be creative.)

Anyway, my being stuck right now is very very bad because it's totally making my Sequelphobia rear it's ugly head.

SEQUELPHOBIA = The fear of having to write sequels to your manuscripts.

This disease may not be listed in the encyclopedia or even the dictionary, but I promise you it is legit. And I suffer from it. BIG TIME. I have actually never managed to complete a sequel to a story ever until the current project in working on. I'm in the middle of a paranormal romance/urban fantasy trilogy, and I was so proud of myself when I completed book two. I thought maybe I'd cured myself of my Sequelphobia. But then came book three. HA! If I thought having to stick with the same world and characters and plots for two books was bad...

I am so done with this book and these characters. I love them, but I'm soooooooooooo done. Except for that part where my manuscript isn't even half way complete yet. UGH! I think my Sequelphobia actually stems from my Story ADD (also a legit writing disease I suffer from). I have a severe inability to stick with one story at a time. My brain comes up with plots and characters and story lines  a lot faster than I can write them. I'll be half way through a manuscript and suddenly have THE BEST idea that eats away at me--willing me to write it.

SO, combine my Sequelphobia with my Story ADD (and, of course, pregnancy) and here you have me blogging a bunch of barely coherent crap when I should be pushing through a difficult scene. I apologize for this time-wasting rant. I'm done now. And I feel better. A little.  Must go make myself get back into this story and finish my freaking trilogy so I can finally start something new. Wish me luck!

Also, kick me next week when I still haven't written a word, because my new Kindle Fire is arriving tomorrow according to Amazon and there are like six books that come out this month that I'm DYING to read. Don't let me spend the last month of my pregnancy reading instead of writing. Pregnancy sounds like a good excuse to blow it off, but the reality is, after I'm finished being miserable pregnant, I'll have a newborn, and that's probably worse for my creative juices.