Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Serial Hottie Sneak Peek

That's when I looked up to see the new guy staring down at me with the most intense eyes I'd ever seen. And, get this. He was holding a Taser. "Hi, Ellie," he said in a strong, deep voice. "It's nice to meet you."

Well of course I screamed. The psycho just killed the Haskins's dog. I screamed loud enough that the J's probably heard me all the way at camp. Then I tried my best to push the new kid away from me, but he was too strong. I would have freaked out that such a hot boy was touching me, except I was too busy freaking out that such a hot boy was touching me! Pinning me to the ground actually.

"Easy there, Ellie," New Guy ordered me and then did the weirdest thing ever. He took off his shirt.

Not that I didn't appreciate what was under his shirt, but I screamed again. Well what was I supposed to do? The guy comes out of nowhere, kills a dog, pins me to the ground, and takes his clothes off? Oh yeah, and he knows my name. How does he know my name?

Yup, that right there is a snippet from my upcoming book Serial Hottie. Sadly the release just got pushed back to July due to the Dynamic Duo at Bluefields being super busy working on the upcoming release of their first feature film! YAY BLUEFIELDS! (I'll blog about that later...)

Anyway, another month to wait so, since I'm incredibly impatient, I've decided to give you all a sneak peek and posted the first chapter of the book for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!


^ that is a link... you must click it...