Thursday, January 31, 2013


Lets all take a moment to do a little happy dance because More Than Jamie Baker is finally complete! Yeah! I feel like I can breathe again!

Okay, so it's only an early draft. I gave it to my lovely story editor yesterday so I'm sure I will have to make changes soon enough, but, for now, at least it's written. YAY! Because this manuscript was a PAIN IN MY BUTT. I love how it turned out, though, so bring on those rewrites!

Seriously, I feel fantastic right now. There's not much that's as awesome as finishing a novel. It puts you in a great mood, makes you feel completely rejuvenated, and renews your love for writing. For me, it also makes my head explode with ideas. It's like I put a lock on my brain while I know I'm supposed to be focusing on one specific story, one specific world, or a certain set of characters. Then I finish and that wall comes down. My brain goes crazy, like it's been storing up all these ideas, just waiting for me to give it the green light.

So yesterday I sat down to write something new, just because I was allowed to, and out of nowhere this idea starts screaming at me to write it. When something shouts at you that loudly, you must listen. I obeyed and after only two days I already have 40 pages written! (Say it with me people: AWESOME.)

It is the cutest idea too! I'm so excited and already in love with the characters. This might be one of those spit-it-out-in-a-month jobs. I don't know, we'll see. I'm just so happy to be working on something completely new, because obviously I've known Jamie for years. (Even though it was a new story it sort of felt like "Been there, done that.") Then, before Jamie 2, I had been working on my supernatural series for like a year and a half. Serial Hottie and V were both written before the Supernaturals novels (aside from the rewrites) so it has been a long time since I could just start with a completely blank page.

I think starting from word one with a brand spanking new idea might be my favorite part of the writing process. Right then anything is possible and everything is allowed. There are no expectations. You characters don't have a will of their own yet (because you're still shaping them), and it's all so fresh and exciting and easy. I LOVE IT!

Anyway, back to the story while my babies are taking a nap!
Peace out!

Wow. After rereading this blog post I'm wondering if maybe someone should cut off my caffeine supply...


  1. That is awesome, amazing among many other congradulatory adjectives! this just means Jami 2 is that much closer to being published and that makes me really happy! (you may be a little, and understandably, tired with her but I have not gotten my full supply of Jamie so bring it on!) =3

    1. sorry for all of the typos, I was typing fast and forgot to check it, heh heh my bad