Monday, March 25, 2013

You know you read too much when...

You have a dream like I did last night!

I had a really long exhausting weekend. I was tired last night. By the time 8:00 finally arrived and I was able to put my kids in bed I was looking forward to a couple hours of peace, quiet and relaxation. I had my kindle out and my Snuggie all ready to go. Then I lasted about thirty seconds. I got a single page read and the next thing I knew it was 2 a.m. and I had a sore neck from the way I'd fallen asleep on the couch.

I was sad that I missed my quiet time, but I felt awesome because I almost never get 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep. (I'm a night owl and a mother of 4 so good sleep is a rarity for me.) I found my husband passed out on the couch in the office and laughed because we both had the same problem after our long weekend.

We finally made it to bed (in our bed) around 2:30 and I was excited because I still had 4 hours before the alarm was going to go off and start a new week. The problem was, it took me a while to fall back to sleep because my body felt like it had already slept all night. Eventually I did get back to sleep, but I had a slew of really random dreams for the rest of the night. I remember waking up at least three times with different dreams but I just had to share the last on with you because it made me laugh.

So.... A long time ago, in a land far, far away....

Actually, I was just back in my old neighborhood in Los Angeles for some reason. It was a gorgeous morning, so I decided to walk to the Quick Trip (Which is a gas station here in Arizona that they don't have in LA, but whatever, that's where I went...) to get a big Diet Dr.Pepper for breakfast. Healthy, I know, yet, sadly, not too far off from my normal breakfast habits.

Anyway, I went to this gas station to get a soda and when I got there, there were two girls behind the counter who were so excited to see me. Apparently in my dream, walking to this gas station was a daily ritual for me because the two girls who worked there were the girls who ran the blog Reading Teen and we liked to talk books every morning. (Again, this was just a dream. I don't know the bloggers at Reading Teen personally, it's just a book blog I like to read a lot.)

When I came in on this particular morning in my dream, they were going completely crazy with excitement because that hot guy on the cover of the Lux novels by Jennifer L. Armentrout had just come into the store and was "Way hotter in person!" The girls showed me their books that he'd autographed for them and then broke down every line of their conversation for me. There was a lot of fan girly giggling involved in our conversation and there was this big line of customers forming behind me, but we didn't care because we were too excited that they got to meet Pepe.

For some reason it ended with the girls making me buy a purple cake mix and purple frosting along with my Diet Dr. Pepper because that's what Pepe had bought, so I went home and made myself a purple Daemon Black birthday cake.

Yep. I'm a freak. I know. And seriously, I finally dream about a hot guy from one of the books I love and he's not even in the dream! What's up with that? Where's the steamy make-out session with Daemon Black? Just my luck!

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  1. Haha don't worry. Sadly I have also dreamt of Daemon Black and no, no make-out session either. Le sigh. There is no justice.