Friday, April 19, 2013

Want to read Chameleon before it comes out? Here's your chance!

Hey guys!

Today I was lamenting (again) over several books that I am DYING to read, and seriously envying all the book bloggers who get to read them early. Book bloggers always get books early and the rest of us have to wait for what feels like EVER to read them. *sigh*

Then I realized that, as an author, I can do something about that. At least as far as my own books go, so  I'd like to give all my non-blogging fans, (who all rock so much I can't express my love for you enough!) the chance to read something BEFORE IT COMES OUT!

So, have you been waiting, holding your breath, DYING to read Chameleon? Here's you chance to get your hands on it! Just enter the raffelcopter giveaway below and you could be reading Chameleon as early as next week!

This is international so long as you have a way to read a digital copy.
(Remember this is an ebook giveaway only.)
Thanks for all the love & good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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