Friday, June 21, 2013

Interview with Avery & Grayson!

Again, adding to my extras page.... Avery and Grayson stopped by Crazy Four Books blog a while back and spoke with the lovely Brenda. Chaos and flirting ensued... I've got the interview here, but be sure to check out Brenda's blog CRAZY FOUR BOOKS too. It's a good one. 

Brenda:  So, Grayson… Science Club, huh?

Grayson: *cringes*

Brenda: It was sooo sweet that you were willing to be dorkified for Avery! What was your favorite part?

Grayson: First of all, I was not dorkified. I made the science club cool. *really thinks for a minute then sighs* Okay, no, nothing can make science club cool. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. My favorite part was working on my experiment with Avery. She gave me free reign over her social life. She had to do whatever I wanted her to.

Avery: Within reason!

Grayson: Anything I wanted. It was awesome.

Brenda: Avery, what is your favorite thing about Grayson?

Avery: Grayson will tell you that he’s not a nice person, but that’s not true. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met. A little too incorrigible sometimes, maybe, but still sweet. And considerate. He is always thinking of me.

Grayson: That’s true. I’m always thinking about her. I’m even thinking about her right now. *grins wickedly at Brenda* You want to guess what I’m thinking?

Avery: *gasps* No! She doesn’t! Grayson! Please behave yourself!

Brenda: *blushes* *Clears her throat* Okay, Grayson, what is your favorite thing about Avery?

Grayson: Definitely her boobs.

Avery: Grayson! *smacks Grayson on the shoulder* Oh my gosh! STOP!

Grayson: *laughs* I’m kidding. Actually, it’s that—when she shrieks at me like that and turns all red. Isn’t she adorable when she blushes?

Brenda: Very adorable. So, Avery, when you finally got to read Grayson’s journal, what was your favorite entry?

Avery: I think it was the one he wrote after meeting the science club kids for the first time. Grayson is always so confident, but he’s kind of scared of my friends. I think it’s really cute.

Grayson: She means sexy.

Brenda: Speaking of sexy… *fans herself* Have you given Avery any more dance lessons?

Grayson: I have yet to get her in a club, but it’s on my to-do list.

Avery: Not in this lifetime.

Brenda: Still not a fan of dancing?

Avery: No. It freaks me out.

Brenda: So what’s your favorite thing to do when you hang out with Grayson?

Avery: I like to keep things low key. I love it when we’re just vegging on the couch together watching the TV. Of course, Grayson usually has trouble focusing on whatever we’re watching… And keeping his hands to himself… *shoots Grayson a meaningful look then rolls her eyes at Brenda* We’re working on his attention span.

Grayson: *frowns at Avery* That’s not my fault. You’re way more fascinating than all of those nerd shows you make us watch. My attention span is fine—when the activity is right. *Slides his arm over Avery’s shoulder and grins at Brenda* I could spend hours every day making out with Avery and never lose focus. She’s an amazing kisser.

Avery: *chokes* *blushes* *slaps her hands over her face*

Grayson: See? Adorable! *winks*

Brenda: *laughs* *Feels bad for Avery and attempts to help distract her from her panic attack by asking another question* Avery! How is your diary coming along? The one Grayson gave you... Have you filled it yet?

Avery: *grumbles* It will be much fuller after this interview.

Grayson: *laughs and then stares at Avery with a big, goofy, love-sick smile*

Brenda: *grins at the adorable couple* Grayson, do you plan to ask her the big question?

Grayson: *turns to Avery and mumbles…* What does she mean? I thought we didn’t have a script for this thing. Was I supposed to ask you something?

Avery: *giggles* She’s talking about ‘popping the question.’ As in proposing…?

Grayson: *startles so badly he falls out of his chair* Oh! Um… Marriage? *clears his throat* Well… I… Um… I hadn’t… I mean… Um…

Avery: *takes pity on her floundering boyfriend and comes to his rescue* I think what he’s trying to say is that maybe a proposal is a bit premature. I’m only a freshman in college—not even nineteen yet. I think Grayson and I would both like to finish school before we start thinking about anything like that.

Grayson: School! Right! We definitely want to finish school first! I mean, what’s the rush, you know? *glances at Avery with a slightly panicked expression* Right?

Avery: *giggles again* Right. There’s no rush. I don’t need a ring to know how much you love me.

Grayson: *smiles sheepishly at Brenda* I don’t deserve this girl.

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