Monday, December 30, 2013

Pimping out a friend...

Hey everyone! Just taking a few minutes to pimp out a friend! If you are the horror/suspense type check out Jonathan Harrow's debut novel DOLLS. It's creepy, it's fast paced, and it even has a nice romance subplot to satisfy those like me who can't read a book without some sort of kissing action going on.

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“In Los Angeles, lots of teenagers are famous. Most for their looks, some for their talents, and many for no apparent reason other than having a lot of money or a sex tape. But only Charlotte Hayes was famous for killing somebody.”

It happened during the high school football game, seventeen-year-old Charlotte snatched in the shadows behind the crowded bleachers by a man with no voice and a black soul. Ezra Cabe saw potential in her, a promising addition to his collection of girls, and with Charlotte standing half-naked in the dark of his apartment, Cabe eagerly began his ritual initiation.

A moment later he was dead, stabbed in the throat with a knife secured by Charlotte in a desperate escape. News and media outlets covered the amazing story for weeks, dubbing her “The girl who fought back.”

But for Charlotte the fight is only just beginning, because Ezra Cabe is somehow back, and he’s everywhere: a shadow person hovering just out of view… watching from the dark corners of the house when Charlotte’s home alone… even invading her mind, corrupting her thoughts. The horrifying truth is that Ezra Cabe never had more power over Charlotte than when he was dead…

Ungifted ARCS & Read-It-First Giveaway!

Hey all you lovely book bloggers out there! Digital ARCS of my upcoming release Ungifted (Supernaturals #2) are now available. If you're a blogger interested in a free copy for review please CONTACT ME or sign up on my ARC MAILING LIST.  I am also open to interviews and other various promotional work around the book's release. (Feb 25th, 2014) If you're interested, let me know and we'll set something up.

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