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History of V is for Virgin and interview with the real Kyle Hamilton

This is the Story Behind V is for Virgin and How Kyle Hamilton Came To Be. (It’s a funny story.)

If you’ve read V is for Virgin, you may have noticed that the book is dedicated to Kyle. No, I did not dedicate this book to my fictional rock star. (Though, if Kyle were to ever come to life and ask me, I’d totally tell him I did!) This book was dedicated to my baby brother. AKA Kyle Hamilton.

The story of V is for Virgin all began one random weekday afternoon when my brother stopped by my house to make himself a sandwich. No, I am not kidding. Also, this may have something to do with why Fictional Kyle loves food so much.

My little brother used to work for a pest control company in my town. He was the guy who drove the truck to people’s houses and sprayed so that they didn’t get bugs. (Honestly, considering I have a major phobia of bugs, these guys are my heroes.) Anyway, the job kept my brother driving all around the city all day so every now and then if he was in my neighborhood he would stop by my house for a minute to use the bathroom and raid my fridge. On this particular day where my story starts, it was his need for a turkey sandwich that made him stop by. I have a soft spot for my kid brother, so I gave him full access to my kitchen.

As Kye stood there smearing mayonnaise on bread I was sitting on my couch with my laptop. I was in between story ideas, so I asked him, “Hey, Kyle, I’m going to write another book. What should I write about?”

His response was immediate and completely serious. “Me.”

I raised a questioning brow at him but he wasn’t fazed. He simply continued on. “You should write a book about me. And I want to be a rich, famous, rock star who gets all the chicks. Oh, and my band’s name is Tralse.”

Yes, he was still completely serious.

Some shoving of a turkey sandwich into his face commenced. (And probable some drinking of my last soda, but I can’t quite remember for sure.) But while he ate I actually considered the idea. A “rich, famous, rock star who gets all the chicks” could make a very fun character. But I still needed a story. Well, me, never being one to think much beyond romance, thought, “What if I write a story about the one girl a guy like that couldn’t get? Now, that could be really fun.”

But why couldn’t he get her? What was different about this girl, that she would be immune to the guy who can get anyone?

Because she’s a virgin. And she’s waiting until marriage.


From there my brain started spinning like mad, coming up with this whole plot. I swear I had half the book planned out before my brother left my house. And that’s saying something considering how fast he can eat a sandwich. So… Kyle asked, and he received. Hence the dedication of the book. (Thank you Ky! Love you and your random brilliance!)

While Kyle Hamilton the fictional rock star is named after my brother and is, in a way, his brainchild, the two are still completely different people. Fictional Kyle got his name, his charm, his appetite, and his random band name from my brother, but that’s really where the similarities end. And it’s a good thing too because it didn’t take me long to realize I can’t write a romance story about my little brother! Um, ewe!

It took me a long time developing Kyle’s character before he was completely mine and I didn’t think about my brother and get grossed out every time Val thought he was sexy. It was weird. I will admit it. And it made it a little difficult to write the story at first. But, eventually I made Fictional Kyle so different from Real Kyle that he became my own and now it’s just a funny story that we all joke about.

Now, I am one of five kids. When my other siblings found out that I was writing a book “for Kyle”… well lets just say there were some “you love him the best” comments.  So, I ended up putting all of my siblings and their spouses in the book somewhere. Robin and Cara are my two bestest sisters anyone could ever ask for so naturally they had to be the two best friends. My other brother Jeff and all my brothers and sisters in law got to make appearances as well. Love you too Jeff, Alan, Bethany, Shane and Ani!

My baby sister Cara is really a music junkie in real life, and also, she’s brilliant and talented and wrote the lyrics to “Cryin Shame” for me. (While I may be able to write a book, I CANNOT write songs. I’ve tried. It’s very scary!)  So Cara wrote Val’s song for me because she’s the best!  Love you Cara! Miss your face! Thank you! People love your song! Also, fun fact, Cara and Shane are really married in real life. Shane really does play the guitar in a band and Cara really is his groupie, and they really are sickly shmoopy kissy-face in love. 


Since this is the Battle of the Book Boyfriends, and we’re getting to know Kyle Hamilton today, I thought it would be fun to hear from the real Kyle Hamilton as well!

Name: Kyle Hamilton

Hair: Aubern

Eyes: Hazel

School activities: Dropped out to make it Big

Likes: Food, Family, Outdoors, Music, Sports

Favorite Food: Carbs and Diet Dr. Pepper

Favorite Music: Todays hits, Any thing on the radio Specifically Katy Perry

Favorite Movie: Die Hard Trilogy, Out Cold and all J-Lo movies

Favorite Phrase: No regrets, That and everybody wang chung tonight!

Kelly: And without further adieu, please welcome to the Battle of the Book Boyfriends, the real Kyle Hamilton! Say Hi, Kyle!

Kyle: Hello!

Kelly: So, what’s it like to be related to the coolest, funniest, most brilliant, talented genius on Earth? HA! Kidding. What I meant to ask is, what’s it like to be immortalized as a rich, famous, rock star who gets all the chicks?

Kyle: Not much different, Although I am not rich yet, I am rather famous, I have 80 followers on Instagram and 230 friends on Facebook, Needless to say people know me. I still get all the chicks, I have a wife three daughters and a girl dog. I am definitely popular with the ladies!


Kelly: Do you have groupies yet? Any crazy stalkers?

Kyle: The closest I come to that is my 18 month old daughter follows me around the house most of the time. Usually cause she wants something to eat.

Kelly: What did you think of Fictional Kyle? Was he everything you were hoping for?

Kyle: He was pretty legit, exactly How I envisioned Him.

Kelly: Wait a minute. Did you even read the book?

Kyle: Totally……

Kelly: Have you ever even read any of my books? (And, no, watching the Being Jamie Baker book trailer doesn’t count as reading the book!)

Kyle: I totally read Jamie Baker!

Kelly: Don’t lie.

Kyle: Okay I read the first chapter, I am a horrible Brother. I am proud of you though and what you have accomplished. I just figured if Edward didn’t have to read twilight to get the part than I should be good.

Kelly: It’s okay. I still love you anyway. Maybe I just love my other siblings a little more now. You know, Robin has read ALL of my books. Even the ones not published yet. Even DAD has read my books… I’m just saying…

Kyle: I love you sis!!

Kelly: Who’s better looking: you or the fictional Kyle?

Kyle: Me hands down, we probably have similar dressing styles you with eye liner and all, but My body is way better.

Kelly: Yeah, and who’s more conceited?

Kyle: I think we just established that!

Kelly: If you could cast someone to play you in the movie, who would it be?

Kyle: Probably Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Ben Osmond (look him up on FB) or that guy who plays Arrow in the new TV series. We all have very similar Body type!

Kelly: *snort*. Sure you do. Anyway, I think the question we’re all wondering… Why Tralse? What does it mean? Where did you come up with it? And would you really name your band that if you were in a band? Wait… are you in a band?

Kyle: Tralse is the combination of True and False, I think we have all put that on a test at some point in time or maybe a capital T with that little extra line so it could be considered either one at first glance.  It was created when me and my friend Dustin Morden started a band right after high school, we decided on the name because we were going to be sell outs from the beginning and just play the music people wanted to hear, even if we didn’t like it. Thus we gave the impression of truly loving the music when we were just in it for the money. We broke up 3 months later.

Kelly: And last but not least, why should we vote for Kyle Hamilton in the Battle of the Book Boyfriends?

Kyle: Because this is every woman’s dream, we all know that girls love the “Bad boy” and the idea of fixing someone is all they dream about. This story gives women hope everywhere that they can change that rugged, daring, egotistical man into someone that is capable of loving. Plus, any man that can change that much for love, deserves a reward.

Kelly: Thanks so much for stopping by today Kyle! I’m sure your fans appreciate it! Any parting words? Now may be your only opportunity to spill embarrassing secrets about your sister. (Though, I know where you live, so… just saying…)

Kyle: Nope just thank you for the opportunity to be in your books. I am grateful you took my suggestions into consideration as you wrote another book, you’ve always been a good sister, best of luck with your future books.

Kelly: Aww. You see? That’s why I love you the best. Thanks for stopping by today! 
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