Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to the Battle of the Book Boyfriends!

So, as I hope you've heard, all this week the main squeezes from my books will be battling it out to earn the title King of the Book Boyfriends! Come back to every day and visit the attle Of the Book Boyfriends Facebook page for in-depth profiles on each boy, fun games, and lots and lots of prizes! Then, make sure to vote for your favorite boy!


One of the awesome things about the Battle of the Book Boyfriends is that there will be tons of opportunities to win stuff!  There will be a different giveaway EVERY DAY during the Battle of the Book Boyfriends! Visit daily on as well as the Battle of the Book Boyfriends Facebook Page for more chances to score books, posters, bookmarks, and "Virgin Val" charm necklaces!

Whoever wins the crown at the end of the battle will get his chance to speak up for a change! Thats right, I'll write either a short story or a compilation of scenes from the winner's book all from his point of view!

What stories you ask? Well, let me tell you, as this might just sway your vote!

Contestant # 1 Ryan Miller -- Being Jamie Baker, More Than Jamie Baker.

If you've read More Than Jamie Baker already, then you probably have lots of questions. :) If Ryan is crowned King, I'll write a short story (possibly novella length) from his perspective that picks up right where Jamie 2 ends! Ryan will have an adventure of his own in Missing Jamie Baker! I'll also do the cover reveal for Remember Jamie Baker (the final book in the Jamie Baker series)

Contestant # 2 Russ Devereaux -- Chameleon, Ungifted

Book three in the Supernaturals series may be told from Russ's point of view, but that's still a long wait from now. If Russ is crowned king of the book boyfriends, I'll write a compilation of my favorite scenes from both Chameleon and Ungifted told from his perspective. Russ goes through quite a lot in these first two supernatural adventures, and believe me, the man has plenty to say about a lot of it.

Contestant # 3 Seth Bishop -- Serial Hottie

Seth may have already told you about the first time he saw Ellie, and the first time he met her, but there are plenty of other firsts he'd love to tell you about. The first time she rejected him, the first time she kissed him, the first time she punched him... If Seth is crowned king I will write a compilation of my favorite scenes from Serial Hottie all from Seth's perspective.

Contestant # 4 Kyle Hamilton -- V is for Virgin

V is for Virgin may be finished, but that doesn't mean that Kyle Hamilton is anywhere near finished with "Virgin" Val Jensen! I ended the book where I felt it needed to end, but so many people have written me saying they are desperate for more that I've decided to give it to them. If Kyle is crowned King of the Book Boyfriends then I'll write a short story that starts right before the Epilogue of V is for Virgin. You'll get the last chapter of the book from Kyle's perspective and you'll get to see what happens next! (D is for Dating, R is for Romance, S is for Second Chances, V is Still for Virgin... who knows what it will be called. the possibilities are endless!)

Contestant # 5 Gabriel (No Last Name Needed) -- Chameleon

Gabriel may be the type of guy to normally stand strong and silent in the background, but just because he's quiet doesn't mean he's not full of thoughts. We know Dani had quite the adventure in Chameleon, but in a way everything was just as crazy for the lovable, sheltered Seer. If Gabriel is crowned king of the book boyfriends, I'll write a compilation of my favorite Gabriel scenes (and possibly a scene or two that weren't in the book) from Chameleon and you'll finally get a better idea of what Gabriel thought of the hurricane of a girl who burst into his life kicking and screaming, and what it was like to fall in love for the first time.

Contestant # 6 Grayson Kennedy -- The Avery Shaw Experiment

I know you've already read half a book from Grayson's point of view in The Avery Shaw Experiment, and got a peek in his journals during the Avery Shaw Diaries blog tour, but can you really ever get enough of Grayson Kennedy? He certainly doesn't think so. Grayson's Science Club days may be over, but that doesn't mean he's finished with Avery Shaw! If Grayson is crowned king of the book boyfriends, he's promised to share with you a short story from his college days. College life is demanding on his time and he doesn't get to see Avery near as often as he'd like, but that just means the time they do get to spend together has to be that much more epic.

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