Wednesday, April 23, 2014

F is for FINISHED!!! (A is for Abstinence cover reveal!)

Woot woot! It's time to PAR-TAY! Everyone stop what you're doing and happy dance with me because A is for Abstinence is done!!!

It will be a few weeks before it's available because it still needs a final edit and formatting and all that, but it won't be much longer, I promise. 

Also, Arizona won today (GO D-BACKS!) which makes it an especially awesome day. To celebrate these two momentous occasions,how about we celebrate with a cover reveal? (Trust me, a D-backs win is as momentous as finishing a novel because they happen about as often. LOL, my poor team.)

Anyway, enjoy! And get excited people, because the conclusion to our favorite Rockstar and a Virgin story is almost upon us! 

...Thank you for joining us for today. We will now return to our regularly scheduled writing of Remember Jamie Baker...
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