Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jamie 3 on hiatus

To answer all the questions about the Jamie 3 release date, there isn't one right now, and I don't know when that's going to change. I am so sorry, but I'm having problems with the third Jamie book. I love the story, I love the characters, and I know how it all ends. But in the beginning, there were several different ways that the story could play out and I wasn't sure which way was the best. I started with one outline, got about 130 pages written and decided it wasn't working, so I went back to the beginning and tried the next idea... To make a long frustrating story short, I am now on the 8th draft of the book. I have written close to SEVEN HUNDRED PAGES, and I am still only 170 pages into the book. The good news is, I finally, after much trial and error, found a version of the story that I am happy with, and that I think works the best. The bad news is that in this process, I have completely psyched myself out and have stressed so much over it that I'm having a difficult time finishing the book. I've lost my confidence in it.

I feel absolutely terrible, that I've made people wait for this book. I never imagined I'd have this problem because when I wrote Jamie 2, I already had the outline for Jamie three done. I figured it would be like all the other books I've written, and take me maybe 3 months to have a first draft written, but sometimes the plain and simple truth is: what you have planned doesn't always work once you get into it. The original plan I had for Jamie 3 wasn't working. It wasn't good. I could have just finished it anyway and then published it so that people wouldn't have to wait for it. But I felt that was unacceptable. I love Jamie, and I know how much my fans love it. I don't want to mess it up. I don't want to let people down. I want to get it right. I have read way too many series' where I get to the final book and am completely disappointed. I really, really don't want to do that with my own book. I have worked too long and too hard on this series to sell myself short and put something out that I don't fully believe in. And believe me, you guys don't want that from me either. I promise you would rather wait and get a book that you're happy with, than have me rush a release and let you down with the ending of a story that's taken years to get to the end of.

I have been working hard on Jamie 3--stressing over it and agonizing over it for months. I have been losing sleep over it, and have been giving myself migraines over it. This is not writers block. It's some kind of mental, emotional thing. I'm stressed to the max over it, and now it's affecting all of my writing too. I have been having anxiety attacks when I sit down to write because I am so stressed and feel so much pressure. So, as much as I hate to do this, and hate disappoint people, I need to do what is best for me. I need to write Jamie 3 on my own timeframe, and if that includes shelving the project for a few months--or years if that's what it takes--then so be it. I am sorry. I apologize. For now, Jamie 3 is on hiatus. I haven't given up on it completely yet, but I am going to put it aside. I am going to concentrate on finishing my other series' and works in progress, and hope that in taking some time away from it, and clearing some of the other things off my plate, I'll be able to stop stressing so much and find my heart for Jamie again, and feel better about my writing.

To all of you who have sent lovely, nice, encouraging emails concerning Jamie 3, thank you. I'm sorry for the bad news, but I hope this can at least answer your questions on the matter. I appreciate your patience, understanding, support, and love for these books. It's for you guys, (and for myself too) that I don't want to abandon this project. I will continue to try my best to not let you guys down.

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