Friday, September 19, 2014

Win the Ultimate V is for Virgin Gift Pack! (Kelly Oram fan art contest)

 Enter the Kelly Oram Fan Art Contest and win
The Ultimate V is for Virgin Gift Pack
Includes: signed copy of V is for Virgin
signed copy of A is for Abstinence
signed V is for Virgin poster
signed A is for Abstinence poster
5x7 Kyle Hamilton photo (Signed by Kyle)
V is for Virgin necklace
A is for Abstinence Bracelet
signed bookmarks
*contest is international* ends Oct. 1st*

Awesome giveaway, right? Well, that's because you have to work for this one.
To Win: Enter the Kelly Oram Fan Art Contest by sending in your best fan art! 

What's a ball without a king presiding? Remember when you guys voted Kyle Hamilton as king of the Book Boyfriends during this year's Battle of the Book Boyfriends? How could you NOT remember this...

Well, as your reigning King, Kyle will be attending Cinder & Ella's Book Release Ball. And King Kyle expects his loyal subjects to lay gifts at his feet! In return for your wonderful gifts, you will be entered to win Kyle's Ultimate V is for Virgin Gift Pack.


The Kelly Oram Fan Art Contest is officially part of the Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball. King Kyle will show up at the Ball and post a thread about the contest. Then you guys post the links or pictures of whatever you've created in the comments of the thread. I'll pick one of my favorite entires as the winner at the end of the ball.

If you can't make it to the ball, maybe you don't have Facebook, or you live on the other side of the world and will have a hard time getting there in the right hours... (I'm sad for you and you will be missed!) have no fear, you can still enter the fan art contest by emailing me your entries ahead of time to [email protected] with the subject: Fan Art Contest. I will accept entries via email from now up until half an hour before the winner is announced. (I'll give a last call in the contest thread and then have myself and a couple friends help me to pick the winner.)

This contest is open internationally and will end at the end of the Cinder & Ella Book Release Ball October 1st. 

You may enter as many times as you like by entering as many different creations as you have the time/energy to create.

This is a KELLY ORAM fan contest. Though Kyle Hamilton is hosting it, you don't have to use V is for Virgin. You can chose any of my books or characters or even me as the subject of your creation. Here are some possible ideas to get you started but if you can think of something not on this list, by all means go for it. The sky's the limit! 

*draw a picture of your favorite KO character/scene/book cover
*create a photo teaser using your favorite KO quote
*write a poem about your favorite character/book/or even about Kelly herself
*write a song a la Kyle Hamilton style
*draw a comic strip of your favorite KO scene (or maybe a Chelsea's Angel comic!)
*write a KO fan fiction story
*create your own Virgin Val jewelry and post a pic of it
*make a KO themed t-shirt and take a selfie of you wearing it
*decorate a cake with a KO theme
*make a KO fan video and post it on youtube
*make a KO book trailer/teaser video
*make a collage of KO quotes
*dress up as Chelsea's Angel and post a pic. (This would also rule for Halloween!)
*post a video or blog post about your ultimate dream cast for your favorite KO book.
*get together with your friends and act out a scene from your favorite KO book, film it and         post it on youtube.  

The possibilities are endless! I LOVE creativity, and I want to see yours! Have fun and good luck!!

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