Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brian and Ella Introduce Cinder & Ella to the world. (sort of.)

Still adding to my extras page... THe characters of Cinder & Ella hijacked a lot of my blog tour, so I'm posting those interviews in the extras page of my website. :) 

This first one, Brian and Ella joined Lisa over at A Life Bound By Books via an internet chat to introduce the book for me. 

EllaTheRealHero: Hey everyone! I’m Ella, average teenager and book blogger extraordinaire.

Cinder458: And I’m Brian, star of The Druid Prince, and all of all Ella’s fantasies.
EllaTheRealHero: Right. He wishes.
Cinder458: I don’t wish, I know. Anyway, I play Prince Cinder in the upcoming movie The Druid Prince. It’s a film adaptation of the first book in the best fantasy book series of all time, The Cinder Chronicles by LP Morgan.

EllaTheRealHero: Definitely the best book series ever.

Cinder458: And now it’s going to be the greatest movie of all time.
EllaTheRealHero: Let me guess: because you’re the star?

Cinder458: Well I am perfect for the role. Plus, I’m the book’s biggest fan. Who else could have played Cinder as well as me?

EllaTheRealHero: Fine, you’re perfect for the part, but I have to argue that you’re the book’s biggest fan. I believe, that title belongs to me.

Cinder458: Actually, it doesn’t. I love everything about the book. You hate the ending and would totally rewrite it if you could. That makes me the bigger fan.

EllaTheRealHero: That’s not true. I love the ending. I just think Cinder picked the wrong girl.

Cinder458: No he didn’t. You were just on the wrong “team” as you bloggers like to say. Hey, have you ever noticed that that happens to you a lot?

EllaTheRealHero: It does not.

Cinder458: Oh, please. Jacob? Puck? Gale? You even wanted Valerie to end up with Isaac in V is for Virgin. Nobody wanted Virgin Val to end up with the boring church boy over the rock star.

EllaTheRealHero: Well, Kyle was a jerk! Val deserved better. Plus, the guy who played Isaac in the movie was hotter than the actor who played Kyle.

Cinder458: And you say I’m shallow. Hey, wait a minute. I played Kyle in the V is for Virgin movie!

EllaTheRealHero: I know.

Cinder458: What??? You seriously thought that guy was hotter than me???
EllaTheRealHero: LOL!!! You are so easy!!!

Cinder458: You’re such a brat!

EllaTheRealHero: That’s why you love me. J

Cinder458: *sigh* That is true. You’re the only woman in the world who gives me crap. And you’re right. I love you for it. Anyway, enough of that. We’re supposed to be introducing our book and we’re failing miserably.
EllaTheRealHero: Oh yeah. Hey, maybe we should just let Lisa introduce it. She’s an amazing blogger. She’s the one who inspired me to start blogging, you know. I’m sure she’ll do the book way more justice than either of us could.

Cinder458: I don’t know about that. Lisa’s awesome, but you’re a pretty great blogger too.

EllaTheRealHero: You’re biased.

Cinder458: Maybe a little. Hey, you want to go get some dinner and have a Legend of the Seeker marathon?

EllaTheRealHero: Definitely.

LISA: Uh… guys?

(They’re Gone.)