Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brian & Ella discuss all things Halloween!

Brian and Ella wrapped up the Cinder & Ella blog tour on Halloween with one last Internet chat over at Paper Cuts blog. They talked costumes, candy, and scary movies!

EllaTheRealHero: Hey everyone, Cinder and Ella here! We want to thank Rachel for inviting us to stop by Paper Cuts today.

Cinder458: Yeah, we’re happy to be here. My actual name’s Brian, though, not Cinder. You can call me Brian. Ella forgets that sometimes.

EllaTheRealHero: I don’t forget. It’s just that Cinder & Ella are so cute together. I like it.

Cinder458: It’s a little cheesy. And it makes me seem like one of those actors who doesn’t know the difference between myself and the characters I play.

EllaTheRealHero: Sorry. You’ll always be Cinder to me. Cinder & Ella. It’s cute. Not cheesy. And it’s a fun play on words that people can remember, so it’s probably going to stick. You have a nickname. Embrace it, my friend.

Cinder458: Whatever. We’re getting off topic again.

EllaTheRealHero: Yeah, we’ve done that a lot this tour. We’re kind of terrible at the blog touring stuff, aren’t we?

Cinder458: Speak for yourself. I’m awesome at it.

EllaTheRealHero: You’re the one who got us off topic.

Cinder458: Well you’re the one who refuses to use my name.

EllaTheRealHero: You’re doing it again. This is our last stop. We have to get at least one right. Come on, focus, we’re supposed to be talking about Halloween.

Cinder458: Right, so, Rachel, Halloween. Hit me.

RachelPaperCuts:  Okay, let’s start with costumes. If you guys dressed up together, like, as a couple, what would you want to go as?

EllaTheRealHero: Cinder and Ella from The Druid Prince. Obviously.

Cinder458: Boring.

EllaTheRealHero: What?

Cinder458: Been there and done that. I had to wear that dumb costume for months while filming. I don’t want to go as Cinder and Ella. Let’s be something different for a change. That’s what Halloween’s really about, anyway. Disguising yourself. Being someone you don’t normally get to be. We’re always Cinder and Ella. You won’t even call me by my real name!

EllaTheRealHero: Because Cinder’s cuter.

Cinder458: Whatever. I’m not being Cinder and Ella for Halloween.

EllaTheRealHero: All right, how about Cinderella and Prince Charming? That would be so cute too.

Cinder458: And cliché, woman. Come on. You’re more creative than this.

EllaTheRealHero: Fine. What do you think we should go as?

Cinder458: I’m thinking a doctor and his sexy nurse. How awesome would that be?

EllaTheRealHero: Are you kidding me?

Cinder458: What? I think it would be awesome to be a doctor!

EllaTheRealHero: And you said I was being unimaginative? It doesn’t get more cliché than Doctor and Sexy Nurse.

Cinder458: But it doesn’t get any hotter, either. Come on Ella, where’s your sense of adventure? Be my sexy nurse. Oh, or I know, I could go as a butler and you could be the maid.

EllaTheRealHero: Let me guess, you mean a sexy French maid with that little black dress, white apron, and fishnet tights?

Cinder458: Is there any other kind?

EllaTheRealHero: I am not going as a French maid. Or a sexy nurse.

Cinder458: A Pimp and his ho could be fun too.

EllaTheRealHero: In your dreams!

Cinder458: Underwear models?

EllaTheRealHero: Okay, moving on. Next topic, Rachel?

RachelPaperCuts: Um… how about candy? What kind is your favorite?

Cinder458: All the chocolate of course.

EllaTheRealHero: Agreed.

RachelPaperCuts: That’s it?

EllaTheRealHero: What’s better than chocolate?

RachelPaperCuts: Wow, okay, I guess I just expected more of an argument.

Cinder458: Really? Home come?

RachelPaperCuts: Uh… No reason. Lets move on. How about scary movies? Do you like them? What are your favorites?

EllaTheRealHero: They aren’t a good romance or an epic fantasy, but they’re all right, I guess.

Cinder458: They’d be a lot better if Ella would respond to them appropriately.

RachelPaperCuts: What do you mean?

Cinder458: Well you know. Because at a scary movie, your girl freaks out and clings to you through the whole movie. She makes you hold her and buries her face in your chest at the really scary parts. Jumping and squeaking and stuff. It’s great!

RachelPaperCuts: And Ella doesn’t do that?

EllaTheRealHero: If I ever acted like that I’d have to slap myself in the face.

Cinder458: Ella is that girl in the theater—you know the one I mean, there’s always at least one—who isn’t clinging to her boyfriend. She’s sitting upright in her chair, laughing at inappropriate times, groaning loudly, and yelling at the “idiot girl” on the screen for opening the door or running up the stairs. She’s obnoxious.

EllaTheRealHero: I am not that bad.

Cinder458: She literally threw her popcorn at the screen once and it got all over the guy in front of us. The management asked us to leave.

EllaTheRealHero: Oh, come on, that was the worst movie ever. Us getting kicked out was the most entertainment anyone in that theater got that night. It depends on the movie. The Ring, for instance, really creeped me out. I had nightmares from that one.

Cinder458: Really? I just figured out what we’re going to do tonight.

EllaTheRealHero: I’m not watching that movie again.

Cinder458: Yes you are.

EllaTheRealHero: No way. That girl is creepy. I told you: nightmares. I’m not watching it. Sorry.

Cinder458: You’ll be fine. You’ll have me. I’ll fend off any psycho chicks who crawl out of the TV. I’m Prince Cinder, remember? I’m excellent with a sword.

EllaTheRealHero: No.

Cinder458: Come on, it’s Halloween. Give me this one chance to watch a scary movie with my girl and have her actually act like a girl. I’ll keep you safe, Ella. Promise. And I’ll make sure you don’t have any nightmares.

EllaTheRealHero: Oh yeah, and how are you gonna do that, genius?

Cinder458: Easy. After the movie’s over, I’ll distract you and give you something a lot sexier to dream about all night.

EllaTheRealHero: Um…

RachelPaperCuts: Oh my. That’s… Is it hot in here?

EllaTheRealHero: Very.

Cinder458: So, we done here? Can we go now? It’s late and the woman and I have things to do.

RachelPaperCuts: Well, um, I mean we still had a few questions—

EllaTheRealHero: I think we’d better end it. We’ve officially distracted him to the point of no return. Things will only go down hill from here and I’m assuming you’d like to keep this appropriate for teens…

RachelPaperCuts: Uh, yeah. That would probably be wise. Okay, well, um, thanks for stopping by then.

EllaTheRealHero: You’re welcome. Thanks for having us.

Cinder458: Yeah, thanks. This has been an enlightening tour stop. Later everyone.  Read the book and all that jazz. Peace out!