Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Cinder & Ella playlist

Writing and music are like baseball games and hotdogs—they just go together. Most writers create playlists that remind them of their work in progress. Whether it’s a tone or lyrics, certain songs will just jump out at us.

Personally I can’t write to music. I need quiet to focus. I am a singer. Not a good one, but an enthusiastic one, and if there is music playing anywhere, you can guarantee I’ll be singing and dancing along, getting absolutely no writing done. Still, I always have a playlist that reminds me of my books and characters, and I will wear it out while working on that particular manuscript. I just have to listen to it during the off-work hours.

The Cinder and Ella playlist is totally going to date me. Can we say 90’s alternative rock, anyone? Not every song on this list is from the 90’s, but a lot of them are. And now that you all know I’m a 90’s child and entering into my mid-thirties, maybe we should get to the music.  Here it is, my Cinder & Ella playlist…

Better Together              Jack Johnson
Umbrella                        Train
Hey Leonardo                Blessed Union of Souls
Iris                                  Goo Goo Dolls
Farther Down                 Matthew Sweet
Deep Inside of You        Third Eye Blind
Truly Madly Deeply      Savage Garden
Over My Head               Brian Littrell
Kiss Me Slowly             Parachute
Everything                     Michael Buble
I’ll Be                            Edwin McCain
Crazy For This Girl       Evan and Jaron
Parachute                       Train

For one reason or another each of these songs just reminded me so much of Brian and Ella. If I had to pick one of them to be Brian and Ella’s theme song, it would probably be Parachute by Train. Love that song, but the lyrics were also just too perfect. If you get a chance, go listen to it!