Saturday, January 31, 2015

Vivian, Juliette, and Rob stop by for a chat with Bookworm Lisa

For this stop on the tour, my supporting characters made an appearance and discussed their own roles in this fabulous Cinderella story.

Vivian: Hey guys! I’m Vivian Euling, Ella’s best friend. And this is Rob Loxely, Ella’s…

Rob: Friend.

Vivian: Is that what you’re calling it?

Juliette: *snickers* Rob’s a complicated guy, but we love him anyway. Hey everybody! I’m Juliette Coleman. I’m Ella’s stepsister. Well, one of them.

Vivian: The good one.

Juliette: The awesome one. And just FYI, I totally resent the term “ugly” that is so often associated with my role in this tale. I’m not ugly! And you know, most of the stepsisters in all these Cinderella retellings aren’t bad looking either. Megan Dodds, who played the stepsister in Ever After is gorgeous. Why does everyone always have to call us the ugly stepsisters? It’s not cool.

Rob: I think it’s meant to be more, metaphorical—ugly on the inside.

Juliette: *scoffs*

Vivian: Oh stop. You know he doesn’t mean you, Juliette. He was talking in general—in terms of most Cinderella retellings.

Rob: Actually, I was talking about Ana.

Vivian: *snorts*

Juliette: *sigh* Yeah, she really doesn’t help the pro-stepsister cause much, does she? She’s not all bad though, you guys, seriously. She’s just…going through a rough time.

Vivian: *snorts again*

Rob: *raises eyebrow*

Juliette: *sighs again* Fine, lets not talk about Anastasia. We’re supposed to be talking about the book anyway.

Vivian: Yay! I love this book! And in it, I have the awesome privilege of playing the Fairy Godmother. I get to dress Ella all up and take her to the ball where she meets her prince. So fun!

Juliette: Um, actually, Brian and Ella’s meeting was my doing. You gave her the dress, but I got her into the ball, so I say we’re both her fairy godmothers.

Vivian: You just don’t want to be the ugly stepsister.

Juliette: I’m not!!! Ana is the ugly stepsister!!!

Vivian: And she plays the role to perfection.

Juliette: Right, so since I’m obviously not the ugly stepsister, and I’m the one who finally introduces Ella and Brian, I think we should get to both be fairy godmothers. It worked for Sleeping Beauty. She had three.

Vivian: All right, fine, you can be a fairy godmother too. *grins at Rob* I guess that makes you our third.

Rob: *raises another eyebrow*

Vivian: Hey, wait, what is Rob in the story anyway?

Rob: Ella’s friend.

Vivian: Yeah, but I mean, like, in the Cinderella scheme of things. You don’t really have a label.

Juliette: Sure he does. He’s Jacque.

Vivian & Rob: Who?

Juliette: You know, the mouse who’s Cinderella’s friend in the Disney version? Jacque? And Gus?

Vivian: *laughs* You think he’s the mice?

Juliette: Yeah, and the dog, and the pumpkin.

Rob: I’m the pumpkin?

Juliette: Well you drove us to the ball didn’t you? It was your car that was her carriage, so yes, you are the coachman who provided the coach. And you’re the mouse. You’re Cinderella’s… friend

Vivian: *snort*

Juliette: —who was there for her when no one else was. You’re the one who always liked her from the beginning, and the friend who kept her from going insane while she was being tortured by her stepfamily. If you need an example in people terms, you’re that weird best friend who dressed up as Zorro in the Hillary Duff movie, and you’re that gay best friend from the yoga place in Robin Palmer’s book Cindy Ella.

Rob: Excuse me?

Vivian: *laughs*

Juliette: Metaphorically speaking, Rob.

Vivian: Actually, Juliette’s right. I mean you kind of are the mice. You’re the BGF—Best Guy Friend. Most Cinderella’s have one. Ella Enchanted had that lawyer elf guy, and Shrek had Donkey.

Rob: First I was the mice, and now I’m Donkey?

Juliette: I guess it’s a good thing this is a contemporary retelling, huh?

Rob: No, you what I am? I’ll tell you what I am. I’m the sucker. I’m the chump who gets the shaft when the dumb prince shows up and steals my girl from me. And because I care about Ella and want her to be happy, I have to suck it up and be a good sport about it or I look like a total jerk. And in the end, what do I get? I get stuck with the two psycho chicks who compare me to rodents. You know what? Come to think of it, I don’t even really like this book all that much. I want to be in a different book!

Juliette & Vivian: *share a shocked glance*

Juliette: *mutters to Vivian* I think that’s the most I’ve ever heard him speak.

Vivian: *nods and mutters back* Is it just me or is he really sexy when he’s pouting?

Juliette: Definitely. Then again, when is Rob not sexy?

Rob: *gapes at Vivian and Juliette in complete bewilderment*

Juliette: *pats Rob’s knee and gives him a sympathetic smile* Don’t you worry your pretty little head Rob Loxley. You are going to be adored by everyone who reads this book, and I’m sure there is girl out there somewhere just waiting—dying—for you to come and be her hero.

Vivian: Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had your own fairy tale retelling just waiting to be written.

Rob: *scowls at both Vivian and Juliette, but calms down* Whatever. Just as long as you two aren’t my fairy godmothers.

Vivian: *rolls eyes* Juliette and I are awesome fairy godmothers. Cinder and Ella are epic. People will be retelling their love story for generations to come.

Juliette: Yup. All thanks to us. We rock.

Vivian: And so does the book. You should all go read it. Right now. Thanks for having us on the blog today!

Juliette: Yeah, this was so fun!

Rob: A real blast.

Vivian: Cheer up Donkey. You know you had fun.

Rob: *sigh* Just read the book, people.