Saturday, February 28, 2015

Join me for the Scion cover reveal and enter to win a Russtastic giveaway!

As you've hopefully heard, the release of Scion, the third book in my Supernaturals series, is just weeks away! If you're unfamiliar with this series, it's a YA urban fantasy/paranormal romance series. Fun times, I promise. 

Each book is told from a different main character's point of view. Book three, Scion, is all about Russ Devereaux! (And he is excited to finally have his say, let me tell you.)

If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Russ yet, there is a great introduction to him on my website, which you can read HERE. (Or you can always read the first two books, Chameleon and Ungifted.) 

Now onto awesomeness... 

I need to reveal the cover for Scion, and I'm recruiting all my readers to help me! As thanks, I've also planned a Russtastic giveaway for anyone who helps spread the cover love.

The cover will be revealed to the world Wednesday, March 11th, but you guys have the chance to see the cover early and be entered to win one of TEN signed Scion posters, and a grand prize of a signed copy of all thee books in the series (to be shipped as soon as print copies of Scion are available). That's eleven winners total, of which one lucky duck will become the proud owner of signed copies of the entire series thus far! The giveaway will, of course, be international to include all Russ's world-wide fans. (Of which, he informed me, there are billions.)

To receive the cover a full five days early, and be entered to win this most excellent Russ-filled giveaway, you have to participate in the cover reveal. That's right, it's not just about the book bloggers this time! As much as I love and appreciate my book blogging lovelies, I love and appreciate my readers too, and I want you to be able to join in the fun this time around.

Your participation can be as simple as sharing the cover and book info on your Facebook feed the day of the reveal, or as extravagant as going all I HEART RUSS DEVEREAUX FANGIRL CRAZY. Of course, the more involved you get, the more chances to win you earn.

If you would like to participate in the cover reveal & giveaway, click this link and fill out the quick sign up form so I can send you an email with all the details.

I will be providing the cover, blurb, book release date (April 14th), author pic bio and links, a short teaser from the book, a raffelcopter giveaway code, and professional graphics to use as avatars/FB headers that day if you feel so inclined to let Russ take over your social media for the event. :) The rafflecopter will include a variety of ways to earn entries by posting on your social media. I'll make sure to send the code for all blog posters who would like to add it, and a link to enter on my website for those without blogs.