Friday, January 8, 2016

Join the If We Were A Movie launch team and win big!

Raise your hand if you'd like to be a part of the If We Were A Movie launch team and read the book an entire month early? I'm doing things differently than I have in the past. I'm not scheduling a blog tour or sending out ARCS the way I usually do, and I will not be doing a release day party. Instead I'm looking for a group of enthusiastic loyal readers to help me with verified purchased reviews.

What you have to do to participate:
1. Pre-order the book from Amazon. (I will need the purchase ID # for verification.) Also, I apologize if you normally purchase from another retailer, but the launch party requires Amazon since that is how I will be sending arcs, and I am looking for verified purchase reviews...
2. Agree to post an honest review on Amazon on release day.(I will check these and if your review is not a verified purchased review, you will not be eligible for the giveaway.)
3. Must agree not to post any spoilers before release day. (however you are encouraged to post non spoiler posts on social media/blogs/goodreads)
3. Must use the amazon kindle app to read the ARC as I will only be sending the books directly to your amazon email account. (I will provide instructions for that once you've joined the group, and you do not need to have a kindle device, just the kindle app on whatever device you use to read ebooks--which is free to download.)

What you get in return for your help:
1. You get to read the book a month early!
2. You get entered into an exclusive giveaway of the entire KO collection in paperback. (That's one lucky reader = 13 books!!!)
3. All participants will receive a signed A is for Abstinence post card from me. (If they would like one.)
4. You get a %40 discount on the book because it's on preorder sale right now and the price will go up on release day.

*There will be a few fun games in the group throughout the month and a graphics for FB profile takeovers and other various stuff too, but none of that will be required.
If you would like to join the launch team, email me at [email protected] with your purchase ID number for your preordered copy of If We Were A Movie. I will send you an email invite to join the Facebook Launch group where you'll receive further instructions.

How do you find your purchase ID number?

1. Preorder the book on Amazon HERE.
You'll see this screen after purchased:
Click on the "view a summary of your order" It will give you the purchase ID #
It's that D01- number at the top there. Copy and paste that number or send me a screen shot to get your email invite!

If you've already preordered the book, sign into hover over your name until the drop down menu appears and click the option that says "Your Orders"

You will see a list of all your purchases on Amazon. Scroll through until you see If We Were A Movie. The ID number is in the top right corner.

Again, just copy and paste that number or send me a screen shot to [email protected] to get your email invite to the Facebook group for the launch team!

Thanks a bunch guys! I'm excited for this launch. It's going to be great!

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