Deleted scene from A is for Abstinence

perf5.250x8.000.inddThis is a deleted scene from A is for Abstinence. Just a warning, A is for Abstinence is book 2 in the V is for Virgin series. Deleted scenes, though they aren’t content in the actual book, often contain spoilers. I recommend that you read the books, in this case, both V is for Virgin and A is for Abstinence before reading any further.

This is a two book series that is complete. Both books are available on Amazon and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.


DELETED SCENE — A is for Abstinence

In A is for Abstinence, Kyle finally agrees to try and abstain from sex so that Val will go out with him. As you can imagine, it’s an entertaining affair. At one point, Kyle officially becomes a spokesperson for the Not Everybody’s Doing It Foundation. I thought it would be fun to show Kyle attempting to actually fulfill his duty as a spokesperson, so I wrote this scene where he makes is first high school visit as a guest lecturer. Of course, after I wrote it, I realized that the book takes place in the summer, and that high school would be out of session for the entire book, and that the scene couldn’t possibly work. It had to be cut, and I had to find a different way for Kyle to meet Val’s younger brother. Yup, authors make bonehead mistakes like that all the time. But sometimes the end result is still entertaining, so…please enjoy this deleted scene.


Robin had booked Val for a high school appearance that afternoon, but I didn’t want to wait until dinner to see her so I decided I’d make the appearance with her. Hey, I was an official spokesperson for the Not Everybody’s Doing It Foundation after all. I figured no one would get mad at me if I showed up.

Surprising everyone seemed like the best way to go. When I got to the high school I pulled my cap low and ducked into the building. The office secretary nearly had a heart attack when I showed up. Her hands shook so hard as she filled out my visitor’s sticker that you could barely read my name. Not that anyone would need to.

She chattered about how excited the students were going to be as she walked me to the auditorium. I really only cared about the look on Val’s face. She’d tried several times to get me to come to one of these things. I’d never thought it sounded like a good idea until now.

She introduced me to the school’s principal, a sharp looking lady in her forties wearing a suit like all the ones Val always wore. I bet the two of them had a lot in common.

She seemed as thrilled to have me as the secretary and said to go on up. “They’re actually almost finished,” she whispered as she pointed to a set of stairs that led up onto the stage.


A proud smile swept over her face. “Val’s birth mom is here too. It’s her first Not Everybody’s Doing It appearance. She shared her experience about being pregnant at fifteen. It was fantastic. Really got the kids to think. We were lucky to have her. Her son goes to school here, you know. Brody. He’s a decent kid. Good student. Plays on the varsity basketball team.”

That made me smile. “Val’s an athlete too. She plays college volleyball.”

The woman smiled and nodded toward the stage. “If you’re going to say hi, you’d better get to it. The bell rings in ten minutes.”

I grinned at the woman. “That’s plenty of time for me to get into trouble up there. Thanks for your help, Marcie.”

The principal flushed when I said her name and whispered, “Good luck.”

I didn’t need it. I climbed the steps and swaggered out to the middle of the stage where Val was sitting on a stool holding a microphone. “Hey everyone!” I called.

The room shook from the screams of the students. I’d sent all the teenage girls into a frenzy that didn’t stop for a good three minutes. If any of them passed out I’d probably get in trouble, but it would be worth it for the look on Val’s face as I joined her on stage and kissed her hello.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped.

I took the microphone from her hand and smiled at the audience. “I’m a spokesperson for the Not Everybody’s Doing It foundation,” I said. “I’m spokespersoning.”

The kids screamed again. I grinned at Val and offered the microphone back to her but she shook her head and waved me on. “Be my guest.”

I turned to the crowd and suddenly realized I had no idea what to say to these kids, so I blurted out the first thing I always said at my shows. “What’s up Riverside High?”

I got more cheering, and a bit of crying.

They waited for me to say something…

“Uh…so…have these fine ladies convinced any of you to not have sex yet? They’re pretty good at doing that. Val, especially.” I held up my wrist to show off my bracelet and grimaced. “Believe me, I know.”

There was a mixture of laughter and cheers that time. When the noise died down I scrambled for something else to say. “So, as you guys may have heard, I’ve been, uh, celibate for over nine months now. What can I say about abstinence? It sucks. A lot.” Gasps and laughter. “And it’s painfully hard all the time.”

That got a roar of laughter and applause so loud that I lost it. I laughed at all their dirty, little, horny teenage minds.

Val jumped up and swiped the microphone from me. “He meant that abstaining is very difficult for him,” she said, giving me a look of death that only made me laugh more.

I stole the mic back and said, “It’s that too, but I actually meant—”

“Kyle! Val shrieked.

“I’m teasing!” I said before she decided to kill me. “I really did mean that it’s not easy for me to abstain. All you perverts need to get your minds out of the gutter. You’re getting me in trouble with my girlfriend.”

“Oh yeah? What’s she gonna do?” some tool in the auditorium shouted. “Stop putting out for you?”

The audience roared again and Val slapped her hands over her face as she shook her head in shame. I decided I’d better get back on track before she had an aneurism.

“Anybody have any questions for me?”

Hands shot up all over the auditorium. “Appropriate questions!” Principal Marcie called out in a sharp warning tone. “Questions relevant to the topic!”

There was a low groan from the audience and most of the hands went down. I pointed to a girl near the front of the stage. “If you hate it so much,” she asked, “why do you do it?”

That was simple. “Because it’s important to Val.”

The girls all swooned while most of the guys scoffed or laughed.

Mr. Teenage Tool from before shouted, “Dude, you are so whipped!”

I laughed. “Hell yes I am.”

“Lame!” the guy called out.

I wasn’t bothered in the least by his taunts. “Are you telling me you wouldn’t want to be whipped by a woman like Val?”

“Okay!” Val shouted, snagging the microphone from me, while the auditorium once again fell apart with laughter. “I think that about covers it for today! We’ve left a bunch of pamphlets about the Not Everybody’s Doing It foundation and the V is for Virgin campaign with your principal. They’ll be passed out to you in your homerooms tomorrow. Remember anyone who comes in and officially takes the abstinence pledge gets a free V or A necklace, bracelet, or keychain. Thanks for having us here!”

With that she dragged me off stage, glaring at me so hard it was a wonder she wasn’t pulling me along by my ear. When we reached principal Marcie, I held my hand out for a high five. She slapped my palm, but the motion seemed subconscious, like she’d done it without thinking because that’s just what you do when someone holds up a hand to you.

“How’d I do for my first time?” I asked, still wondering at the look on her face. She gaped at me with wide eyes and flushed cheeks, at a complete loss for words.

I looked to Val to see if she knew what the principal’s problem was, but she didn’t see me. She was too busy pinching her nose between her eyes. “I am so sorry,” she finally said. “If you get any angry calls from parents, please direct them to call the foundation. I will speak with all of them personally.”

“I would appreciate that,” principal Marcie muttered.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, my gaze bouncing back and forth between them.

Principal Marcie blinked at me again. “He doesn’t even know, does he?” she asked. She was staring at me but the question was directed at Val.

Val sighed. “No, he really doesn’t have a clue. I’m sorry. I didn’t know he was coming. I would have talked to him before.”

“Are you ladies planning to fill me in?” I asked with a forced laugh. I didn’t like feeling cornered by the two of them. “Did I do something wrong? I thought it went well. The kids seemed to have a good time.”

“You can’t even be angry,” Principal Marcie mumbled, astonished.

“Nope.” Val laughed a little, but it was a defeated gesture. “You can’t even get mad. Honestly, I’d say we were lucky. Knowing Kyle, it could have gone a lot worse.”

“I’d believe it.”

Principal Marcie finally snapped out of her trance and a faint smile broke out on her face. She held a hand out to Val, thanking her for coming, and then to me. “Well, Mr. Hamilton, it was certainly interesting meeting you. Thank you for stopping by the school.”

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