Jamie Baker Cast Pics

Ahh, casting. The absolute hardest part of my job. No joke, I have such a hard time picking actors to go with my characters. They’re like real people in my head, so how do you put someone else’s face on them? But, it never fails that this question comes up with every book I write, so I try to do the best I can. Also, I just don’t watch enough TV. There are probably a lot more actors out there than I’m aware of that would be better for the role. If you have any suggestions, by all means, let’s here them. I love seeing who you guys would pick!

First up, JAMIE BAKER.

How in the world does one cast Jamie Baker??? She’s got to be the most emotional character on the planet, hitting every feeling on the spectrum at least once in every chapter. So I need someone who not only looks the part, but can pull off her badass/snarky/moody/scary supergirl and still be vulnerable and likeable all at the same time. Plus she has to be super hot. So, that said, I’ve got two choices and both of them aren’t exactly right in my mind, but they’re kind of close. (Also, with all of these picks, we’re totally going to ignore the age thing because I couldn’t choose from actual teenagers. I couldn’t find any.) I’m going with Emma Stone or Victoria Justice. Emma has the right Sass, and Victoria has the right look. I think either of them could do a decent job.

Emma Stone:


Victoria Justice:


Next, we have RYAN MILLER.

Come on, ladies, let’s be honest, there’s really only one, and he’s on the pages. BUT, if I must…again I have two choices. And this is because I think they’re both perfect for the role in different ways.

One of my choices for Ryan is Bradley James. This cutie pie won my heart on the TV show Merlin. I’m really casting Prince Arthur more than I’m casting Bradley James. Seriously, watch the show. He’s got the ego and the charm down. He could totally pull off Ryan Miller.


My other choice (and I say other because it’s not second; they’re tied for first) is Chris Evans. Be still, my beating heart. When did this guy win my heat? I don’t know, the second he was born? Seriously, though it had to be either the movie Push or Fantastic 4 that made me loose my senses and go gaga for him. Chris could TOTALLY do Ryan Miller. (Of course, I think he could do anything…)



See? Perfect! Right? (And you’re welcome!)


Now, for Teddy…

He’s the guy you love to hate. He’s Geek Chic. He’s lovable and too smart for his own good, and throws a hell of a temper tantrum. I needed someone who could pull off the look and the innocence and the diabolical psycho act. So… my two options for Teodoro Vivenzio AKA Teddy AKA Tony are Milo Ventimigla or Callan Mcauliffe.

Milo is my first choice. He fits the Italian I’m-cute-enough-that-I-could-fool-you-into-thinking-I’m-not-evil look perfectly.

If I had to have an understudy, though, Sam from I Am Number Four could play the role well. Callan’s a cutie too. And he does a great computer geek genius!


Dave Carter: Tabloid king turned hard-hitting Journalist

Since the very beginning, I’ve always only had one man in mind for Carter, so I’ve only got one choice for him. I think he’s perfect for this role. He’s exactly what I see in my head and he’s got that dry grumpy sarcastic attitude that Carter always has. I’m going with Nicolas Cage.


Blake “Mr. E.” Edwards

This one was hard for me, like Jamie. I think Mr. E. is a hard character to really nail down. He’s that young, fun, cool, charming teacher that all the high school girls crush on. (Like what’s his name in Never Been Kissed). But he’s also an ex-Visticorp scientist who needs to be able to do a little creepy. So, I’ve only got once person I can think of who could fit this role for me. I’m going to go with Captain America’s BFF Bucky. I’ve seen Sebastian Stan do both charming and dark. He could be my charming, intelligent, slightly psycho Mr. E. Plus, he’s just pretty to look at, and I always say, when it comes to the movies, the more eye candy the better!!!


James Donovan

Ah, Mr. Donovan. The Mastermind. The man behind the curtain. The Billionaire philanthropist with too much vision and not enough scruples. I have a couple of guys I really like for this roll. First is Daniel Day-Lewis, and second Hugh Laurie. They both have that sophisticated, come-from-money, air of self importance look. Plus, I could totally see them both having a seriously creepy sociopathic dark side. Haha.

Daniel Day-Lewis:


Hugh Laurie:

Stan and Linda Baker (AKA Jamie’s Mom & Dad)

Okay, Leslie Mann and Jeffery Dean Morgan fit the idea I have of Jamie’s parents perfectly. Jamie’s bear of a dad who can be stern but is also a big old softie and a sucker for his girls. Jamie is such a Daddy’s girl and I can just picture Jeffery Dean Morgan not being able to say no to her.

Leslie Mann is the perfect Jamie’s mom. She’s such a girly girl and so cute and bubbly. Plus she can do the emotional thing like Jamie. I can definitely see Leslie as an ex small-town girl beauty queen cheerleader.

Becky Eastman and  Mike Driscoll

So Becky are only side characters too, and they aren’t really big players at all in the final book, but they’ve been with us from the beginning so I decided to cast them as well.

For Becky I’m choosing Dove Cameron. Becky is Jamie’s bubbly sweet cheerleader BFF. She’s grown up being besties with Ryan Miller, so you know she’s got to be darn near perfect. She’s beautiful and genuine a lot like Ryan. She’s cute and total sorority material, but she’s also fun and spunky enough that she can also be snarky Jamie’s best friend. Dove, to me, is perfect for the role.

For Mike, I pick Marshall Williams. Mike isn’t as clean cut nice guy as Ryan. He’s a more typical popular high school jock. As the Captain of the high school football team, and a linebacker, I was looking for someone who could be the hot guy but also play the full of himself bully. I needed a guy that I thought could play the meathead type. (I’m not saying you’re a meathead, Marshall, I promise!! I just think you fit the picture in my mind for Mike Driscoll and I think you’ve got the acting skills to pull him off.)


The Visticorp “Subjects” (AKA the other super humans!)

We vaguely meet these guys in Jamie 2, and we get to see them a little bit more in Jamie 3. (Supernames and superpowers are top secret till you read the book!) I’ve had Tyler and Abiodun in my head from the beginning but had to think hard on the other two.


62981be45d970e0166ff78badda2069eHe’s a fun kid with a bright disposition who’s always trying to be older than he is. He wants to be a trouble maker and a kickbutt superhero. He’s got a sense of innocence in him because he’s young but at the same time he needed to be someone who had a serious side to him as well because the time he spend in the Visticorp labs has taken it’s toll on him. For me it’s always been Nick Robinson. He’s such a cutie, and he could totally pull off the different sides of Tyson!






He’s the father figure of the subjects. Very serious, quiet, and reserved. He can be terrifying by outward appearance, and tough as nails, but inside he’s kind hearted and loves fiercely. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has always from day one been my Abiodun!




Natalia is hard because she’s so young. She’s eight in the book and a pale and sickly little Russian girl. She’s sweet and childlike, but has been stripped of her childhood and knows the big bad monsters of the world exist thanks to James Donovan and his experiments. She longs for a normal, safe life, but is broken in a way. Emily Alyn Lind is suck a cute little actress. I think she fits. I’d love to see her play Natalia. Of course, she’s already too old, but this gives you an idea of what I have in mind for the character.






I like Judi Dench for the role of Betty because she could pull off that grandmother thing and be sweet to Natalia and Tyson. But she can also be stern and fierce. Betty’s one tough old lady, and though she’s been held prisoner as a Visticorp subject. she’s still got some fight in her. Anyone who can handle James Bond is cool enough to be in my superpowered family!

That’s all I’ve got for you today! In the book you’ll meet a group of military soldiers and I’m sure you’ll love them too, but I’m not going to cast them now since you haven’t met them yet, and this post is already as long as the book itself. Maybe someday I’ll cast the ACEs. Then again, wouldn’t it be awesome if Hollywood cast them someday?

As an author I have ZERO control whether my books get made into films. But Until the day Hollywood wises up and comes knocking on my door, for now, you can support the cause by voting for it on the IfList and picking your very own casting choices!




One thought on “Jamie Baker Cast Pics

  1. I was also thinking Selena Gomez as Jamie Baker because she could be sweet and lovable but also sass and can fight. I beg you please make a movie on all three it’s my favorite book.
    Thank you


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