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Cinder & Ella: Happily Ever After!

What’s this???? A NEW CINDER & ELLA STORY????  OMG!!!!

Cinder & Ella is quickly coming up on its 2nd anniversary, and I’ve decided to celebrate the 2 wonderful years of AMZING love I’ve received for this book by giving back to its loyal fans.
That’s right! You guys have asked for an epilogue or a short story of more Cinder & Ella so faithfully for so long now, I’ve decided it’s time to listen to the masses. Here’s a TINY taste of what you’re in for…
(Teaser from the upcoming novella Cinder & Ella: Happily Ever After)

Cinder458: I miss you already.

I snorted. He was such a goofball. Shaking my head, I couldn’t help typing a response back.

EllaTheRealHero: Ha! You’re such a dork.
Cinder458: I’m serious.
EllaTheRealHero: That makes you even more of a dork.
Cinder458: No, it makes me romantic. You’re such a brat.
EllaTheRealHero: And you’re annoying. Leave me alone. I’m busy.
Cinder458: But I miss you. I need you. Right now.

I’m not sure how long this story will be yet, but one thing is certain: I’ll have lots of Brian and Ella epicness with cameo appearances from Kyle Hamilton & Virgin Val! I have no official details on this story yet other than it’s coming. But hopefully I’ll have more information by the book’s anniversary October 1st.

I’ll also be re-releasing Cinder & Ella with a new cover on October 1st in honor of the book’s 2-year anniversary, and am having a read-along with the fans.

Starting TODAY the Kelly Oram Reader Squad (my official fan group) is starting a Cinder & Ella Read-Along. I’ll be reading along with the fans and joining in on the discussion, and answering questions. During this read-along I’ll also be letting the fans weigh in on several cover concepts I have for Cinder & Ella’s new look, and they’ll get an exclusive sneak peak at my new story Cinder & Ella: Happily Ever After.
Come join us and talk about all of your favorite Cinder & Ella moments with other fans! We’re going to have a blast. And who knows, we might even have a few celebrity appearances…