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You’re Invited to Brian Oliver’s C&E 2nd Anniversary PAR-TAY! (Party info and blogger sign-up)


Hey Fellow Bookish Peeps! Brian Oliver here.

Remember me? (You should, I’m only the hottest star in Hollywood under 25 right now, AND the star of the blockbuster hit The Druid Prince.) 

Raise your hand if you miss Ella and me.(You know, Ella, my seriously sexy half Latina all snark girlfriend…)

Remember her? (Again, you should. She only made the entire world fall in love with her  when she became my real life Cinderella. Plus, she’s a brilliant, hilarious entertainment review blogger who you should totally be following.)

Raise your hand if you want more of us! *RAISES HAND*

(You should all have your hands raised now.) 

Great. Now that we’ve established that you miss us and want more of our awesomeness, I’m here to let you know that WE MISS YOU TOO. This much:

It’s been two years since our story went down and I think it’s high time we celebrate. So I’m throwing a PAR-TAY, and you’re all invited!

It’s gonna be epic, people. The Who’s Who of Kellywood will be there. (Douchebag attention-seeking rockstars included because Ella says I have to. Sorry.)

Here’s the deets:

Sounds awesome, right?

JOIN ME NOW PEOPLE. Here’s the link:


Kelly (wresting control of the blog back from Brian): *shakes head* I should never have given Brian the password to my blog… ANYWAY… As a lot of you know, Brian and Ella are in PARTY MODE. The new cover for Cinder & Ella comes out on October 1st, and Brian wants to celebrate. You’re all invited!

This is a 1 day long Facebook event in conjunction with the book’s new cover reveal and a blogger book blitz. There will be games, giveaways, exclusive bonus content posts from Kelly, and a very special super amazing surprise announcement.

(I can totally work the gifs too!)


If you have a book blog and haven’t already received an email from Brian, please fill out this Google form ( to join in on the cover reveal & book blitz. You know you want to.

Both: See you there!