Interview the stars of Cinder & Ella !


FEBRUARY 14TH is not that far away, so mark your calendars now. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day. Pssssh. Don’t be silly. February 14th is the day that Happily Ever After (Cinder & Ella 2) releases. That’s right, Brian and Ella are coming back for more shenanigans and romance!

To gear up for the release of their sequel, Brian and Ella are personally kicking off the press tour. They’re teaming up with the good people at Characters Magazine for an in-depth interview, and they want YOUR questions. If you have a burning desire to know about Brian’s favorite pair of shoes or Ella’s secretly hip taste in music, NOW is the time to ask. Go fill out the Google form and maybe your question will be featured in the magazine!


You only have a couple days to get your questions in, so do it now. Thursday, Dec. 1st is the last day to submit questions for the interview. Have fun, and We’ll see you all VERY SOON with some more EXCITING Happily Ever After news!


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