HEA Delay


Hi there, Kelly Oram fans! This is Karie, Kelly’s intrepid personal assistant. (Ha! I love being in charge of writing the blog posts. I can call myself all sorts of wonderful things. )

So, an announcement: Happily Ever After has been delayed until further notice. Kelly hit a snag and she has gone dark to get some time and space to work it all out. She’s coping, her family is fine, and a meteor did NOT hit their house. Just in case you were wondering.

I have no further information, except to say that while you, dear fan, may feel some disappointment, complaining on Kelly’s various social media pages will not speed up the production process. In fact, it may very well slow it down. Hugs and positive thoughts, on the other hand, are ALWAYS welcome and very uplifting.

Thank you for your patience and concern and for showing Kelly so much love. I will keep you all updated. Promise.

3 thoughts on “HEA Delay

  1. I have the bonus pages and sneak peak, now I am anxious to have the book. Can you say yet when our appetite for the conclusion of this story will be satisfied? Thank you so much. Love your style of writing.


  2. Hi Karie!!!!! My sister, Veronica, is a really big fan of Kelly Oram’s and it’s her 20th birthday on the 11th of April when Happily Ever After is being released (I don’t know if that’s still happening) and for her birthday she asked for all of Kelly’s books in paperback (she doesn’t like hardcover because she can’t bend the cover and it’s not comfortable). Anyway, I thought I could maybe do one better and see if I could buy a signed copy of Happily Ever After for her. Veronica has read every one of Kelly’s books and she’s been super excited for the next one. I don’t know if it will be possible to do what I asked but there is no harm in trying, right? So thank you if you get this! And I hope all goes well with the book!!! Thanks, Lauren


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