99¢ sale and new Serial Hottie bonus pages!


Happy July 4th!

And Happy Birthday Ellie!!

Let’s celebrate with a 99¢ sale and 40 pages of brand new bonus content!!!
For those of you who have read my book Serial Hottie, you may remember that today is the main character, Eleanor Westley’s birthday. And this year is special because not only is it Ellie’s birthday, but it’s the book’s 5th anniversary too. I thought we could celebrate with a sale and a bunch of bonus material. YAY!
Serial Hottie is an off-beat romantic comedy with a hint of suspense and mystery in it. If you haven’t read it yet, check out this short essay Ellie wrote about sharing a birthday with our lovely nation. It’ll give you just a taste of Ellie’s character, which is the book’s best feature if you ask me. Click here to read Ellie’s birthday essay. Or, you can check out her character profile.
If you’d like a taste of the slightly off-colored humor of the book, you can check out
I also have cast picks and a book playlist for those curious few of you who can’t get enough Seth and Ellie.


Ellie’s Sweet 16 is a summer of firsts.
First car.
First kiss.
First boyfriend.
First serial-killing stalker…?
Okay, okay, I’ll stop trying to sell the book teasing you with bonus material I’ve posted before. For all my Serial Hottie fans out there, I have a bunch of new pages for you to read! As most of you know I’ve been very ill and not writing anything for the last six months. The following alternate POV was sort of my experiment to try and get back in the creative saddle. I still have a ways to go with my health, and I’m still on a writing break from any new projects. (Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted when I get something going again.) But for now, enjoy this re-visit to Serial Hottie and the extended glimpse into the complicated psyche of Seth Bishop.


The following bonus content is intended for those who have already read Serial Hottie. It is an alternate point of view told of material within the book and will spoil the whole thing if you read it before reading the book. Please, for my sanity if not your own, read the book first! (Good thing it’s only a dollar today, right?)

CLICK HERE for the Seth POV bonus pages!

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