Bonus Material

Here’s a list of fun bonus material. Enjoy! (Working on adding everything. Give me time!)

General Bonus Material:

Kelly is interviewed on The Girls With Glasses Show.

Book Playlists.

 First Chapter Previews:

The Ghost of You and Me (First 2 Chapters)


Jamie Baker Bonus Material:

The Being Jamie Baker Official Book Trailer

Character interview with Jamie & Ryan (and Ellie & Seth from Serial Hottie)

Kissing Jamie Baker – (Chapter 1 of Being Jamie Baker from Ryan’s POV)

“Working Out” (Being Jamie Baker – Ryan POV)

“The Superkiss” (Being Jamie Baker – Ryan POV)

The First Time Ryan Says, “I love you.” (Being Jamie Baker – Ryan POV)

REMEMBER Jamie Baker — Bonus Ryan POV

Jamie Baker Cast Picks

Jamie Meets Ryan (Again, and again, and again) — Deleted Jamie 3 scenes

Science Squad Bonus Material:

The Avery Diaries – 6 Bonus short stories from The Avery Shaw Experiment

Meet the Geeks of Spanish Fork High! (Character profiles and group character interview.)

Confessions of an antagonist: Aiden Kennedy Tells All (Character interview)

Supernaturals Bonus Material:

Bonus scene: Chameleon chapter 1 from Russ’s POV

Cinder & Ella Bonus Material:

VIDEO: Cinder & Ella Video Read Along

Character interviews with the cast of Cinder & Ella

Character comparison of my two celebrities: Kyle Hamilton & Brian Oliver

Cast Picks

Brian’s original email to Ella (How they met) 

Deleted scene from Cinder & Ella

Say Car For Me — Brian Bonus POV Scene

V is for Virgin Bonus Material:

Deleted scene from A is for Abstinence

The Music Behind V is for Virgin

The History of V is for Virgin and interview with the REAL Kyle Hamilton!

Character comparison of my two celebrities: Kyle Hamilton & Brian Oliver

Joni, Underway Bonus Material:

Co-Authoring! Q&A with Kelly Oram & Jonathan Harrow

Joni, Underway – Casting Pics

Kelly and Jonathan’s Top Ten Dream Destinations 

Serial Hottie Bonus Material:

I Have The Lamest Birthday Ever (Serial Hottie – Bonus short story)

Ellie’s Top 10 Tips for Stalking Your Hot Neighbor

Cast Picks for Serial Hottie

Meet Eleanor Westley!

Serial Girlfriend — Seth POV Bonus Pages