The Wyle Away Ranch Series

A clean cowboy romance series about five brothers who own a ranch and the women they fall for. This series is best read in order but each can be read as a stand alone.

The Cowboy and the Girl Next Door

Wyle Away Ranch Book 1

by Janette Rallison

She won’t lose the ranch without a fight, even if it means fighting him.

Kate Benton has wanted nothing to do with ranchers since she was fifteen and too-hot-for-his-own-good Landon Wyle caught her kissing his little brother during a cattle drive. 

Yep, that event pretty much put an end to a lot of things, like her dignity. 

But when her grandfather dies, he leaves his ranch to her with one provision: she has to live on Coyote Glen and keep it profitable for a year. 

Kate is used to the finer things in life, such as sleeping in past the crack of dawn and fingernails that aren’t broken. 

Mucking stables, fixing fences, and avoiding being trampled by angry cows isn’t exactly how she imagined spending the next year, but her family needs the land. 

She’s in over her head. However, the man who can best help—Landon—is second in line to inherit if she fails. 

And he’s only gotten more handsome. Of course.

Losing the ranch is bad enough, she refuses to fall for the man who wants to take Coyote Glen from her.  

Landon’s brothers depend on him to keep their ranch and their family together. To succeed, he’s thrown himself into his work—and ok, maybe he’s avoided relationships. He needs the wells on Coyote Glen to keep his own ranch running and can’t afford to let Kate’s beautiful green eyes distract him. 

If he loses his heart to her, he loses everything.

Love Me Again, Cowboy

Wyle Away Ranch Book 2

by Torsha Baker

The best revenge for a broken heart is becoming fabulously rich and famous.

Emmy Award-winning actress Malia Kalama has money, fame, confidence . . . and a gaping void in her life. To fill that void, Malia is convinced she must land a role in the next blockbuster, but a scheme to get noticed by Hollywood’s top producer ends with Malia’s name splattered all over the tabloids. She decides to escape to her family in Bisbee, Arizona, while her publicist cleans up the mess. Eight years is plenty of time to be over the hot cowboy who shattered her heart—right?

Jaxon Wyle gave up the chance for true romance in order to raise his daughter. It’s a decision he doesn’t regret, except when he watches Malia through his TV screen like some star-struck fan—and yes, he’s fully aware how pathetic that seems. When his brothers discover that Jax’s drug-addicted ex is threatening a custody battle over his daughter, they convince Jax to stop avoiding dating and search for a bride to help him win in court. When Malia shows up in Bisbee, looking amazing and putting Jaxon in his place like no other woman can, he realizes this is his last chance for happiness with the woman he never stopped loving.

Malia and Jaxon’s affection for each other becomes even stronger than when they were teens, but Malia’s Hollywood lifestyle of lies and deception battles with Jax’s desire to provide a stable life for his daughter. And Jax’s problematic trait of thinking he can handle every situation on his own threatens to end their relationship in a repeat of their first break-up. 

The Cowboy Who Stole My Heart

Wyle Away Ranch Book 3

By Melinda Carroll

Only two things stand between Skye and the life she craves: a priceless necklace and a hot cowboy. Not necessarily in that order.

Skye Stanton enjoys catering for Aunt Judy’s reception center about as much as she likes sour milk and day-old sushi. But she’s trapped as long as Judy holds Grandma’s trust money hostage. So when Skye learns her family may have the rights to a stolen heirloom necklace, she hatches a plan to track down the jewels in exchange for sweet freedom.

For Dillon Wyle, the necklace doesn’t just represent money—it symbolizes loyalty, family, and the mother he tragically lost years ago. Dillon intends to protect that legacy, even if he must fight against the beautiful woman with the sexy smile who shows up at the ranch claiming the necklace for her own. 

Skye asserts the jewels were stolen; Dillon insists they were a gift. Only one can be right. And when their relationship turns romantic, the two of them realize there’s more at stake than just the necklace—their hearts, their history, and both family’s futures end up on the line.  

Come Home, Cowboy

Wyle Away Ranch Book 4

by Elsa Nickle and J.L. Hixon

When Laurel dropped out of college to chase her dreams, she didn’t think she would have to chase men too.

Laurel Mills is a small town girl with big creative ambitions, but her mother refuses to allow her only child to be a starving artist. In order to secure Laurel’s future, her mother is forcing her to date every eligible man in Bisbee. It’s embarrassing, inconvenient, and a huge waste of Laurel’s time. But after a particularly bad date, she’s determined to figure out a way around her mother’s crazy rules…and stumbles into a very handsome solution to her problem.  

The last promise Ethan Wyle made his mom before she died was that he would finish college, even though keeping his word meant leaving the ranch. 

Now, six years later and on the brink of opening a new vet clinic, Ethan has to go back to Bisbee, Arizona for his brother’s wedding. As an outsider in his own family, Ethan’s not sure how much taunting he can take. The only ray of sunshine is a girl and her insane plan to pretend they’re dating. Ethan figures being a fake boyfriend isn’t so bad if it gets his brothers off his back, until he develops some real feelings for Laurel. 

Ethan and Laurel love their work, but falling in love was never part of the equation. After all they’ve sacrificed for their dreams, are they willing to risk it all for a chance at true love?

Date with a Cowboy

Wyle Away Ranch Book 5

by Kelly Oram

What could be worse than being sold off to the highest bidder? Falling for the woman responsible for putting him on the auction block.

Cattle rancher Preston Wyle gave up dating after a disastrous breakup. Years later, his older brothers give him constant grief about getting back in the saddle. But Preston has more important things to do than finding a woman—like stepping out on his own and running his own ranch. 

When Preston asks for his inheritance early, in the form of the deed to Coyote Glen Ranch, his meddling brothers make him a deal—the deed for a date. The ranch is hosting a charity fundraiser, and the publicist in charge thinks auctioning off a date with Preston is the key to success. After all, who could resist a date with a gorgeous, hard-working cowboy? 

No way does Preston want to be auctioned off for the night, but this is his chance to win the ranch, and there’s just something about the pretty publicist he can’t refuse.