Battle of the Book Boyfriends

This year, all of my leading men from all of my books are going to duke it out to see which of them will be crowned King of the Book Boyfriends. 

The winner will earn a chance to voice his opinion! (Meaning I will write a scene or short story from the winner's POV.)

Haven't had enough of Grayson? Want to know what Seth thought the night he FINALLY kissed Ellie? Or what happened with Kyle and Val after they reconnected on the Connie Parker Show? Ever wonder what was running through Russ Devereaux's head when Gabriel tried to steal his woman? Or maybe you'd like to know what on Earth happened to Ryan Miller at the end of Jamie 2????

These stories could be yours if your book boyfriend is crowned King, so make sure to pick yourself a book boyfriend and be the best girlfriend to him you can! 

Like the Battle of the Book Boyfriends FACEBOOK PAGE and tell us why he's your perfect book boyfriend. 
Post your favorite quotes, or swoon-worthy moments from his book. 
Post pictures of the guy you envision him to be. 
Sport his team badge proudly on your facebook/twitter/goodreads/and whatever else avatars. 
Make all your friends and family vote for him. 
I even dare you to change your relationship status on facebook to "in a relationship" with him! (HA! That would be so awesome!)

Official Event Schedule. 

Mon. Feb. 10th
Which Kelly Oram Boy is best for you? – Take the quiz and enter to win the signed Kelly Oram Book of your choice! Kelly Oram's FACEBOOK
Read Books and Live Green -- Ryan/Grayson

Tues. FEb. 11th
Meet the R’s – Ryan and Russ! Plus a chance to win a signed Ungifted & Being Jamie Baker poster! KELLYORAM.COM
Wed. Feb. 12th
Kiss contest! – Vote for your favorite kiss and enter to win signed copies of both Being Jamie Baker & More Than Jamie Baker! Kelly Oram's FACEBOOK
Books Over Boys -- Ryan/Grayson
Live, Read & Write -- Grayson

Thurs. Feb 13th
Meet Seth & Kyle! (+ Interview with the REAL Kyle Hamilton!) Plus enter to win a signed Serial Hottie & V is for Virgin poster and “Virgin Val” charm necklace! KELLYORAM.COM
The Phantom Paragrapher -- Ryan/Seth/Kyle/Grayson
Drugs Called Books -- Ryan/Grayson
Crazed Bookie -- Ryan

Fri. Feb. 14th
Valentine’s Day horror story contest! Vote for the best V-Day horror story and enter to win the signed poster of your choice! (Winning Horror story will receive the Kelly Oram Contemporary collection—Serial Hottie, V is for Virgin, & The Avery Shaw Experiment!) KELLYORAM.COM
Bittersweet Book Love -- Ryan/Kyle
Books Are Vital -- Grayson

Sat. Feb. 15th
Meet the G’s Gabriel & Grayson! Plus enter to win a signed Chameleon & The Avery Shaw Experiment poster! KELLYORAM.COM
Read Write Ramble -- Grayson

Sun. Feb. 16th
“Whose line is it anyway?” Facebook party! Join me on Facebook from 3-5 pm AZ time (GMT-7) to chat and play! Winners throughout will receive posters and Bookmarks. I’ll also announce the week’s contest winners and crown the KING of the Book Boyfriends!!!!! BATTLE OF THE BOOK BOYFRIENDS FACEBOOK PAGE 

Always Lost in a Book -- Ryan/Grayson
Mystical Lit Lounge -- Grayson
Views & Reviews -- Kyle
The Bookscape Report -- Grayson

Don't see your man getting enough love? If you'd like to join the tour and write up a spotlight for your book boyfriend telling the world why he should be crowned King of the Book Boyfriends, contact me at [email protected]. All are welcome! 

Here are some graphics to help you spread the word!