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QUIZ: Which Kelly Oram boy is right for you? 

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Meet the Kelly Oram Boys!     
   Get to know Kelly's leading men with character profiles, quotes, and excerpts from each!

  1.           Meet Grayson Kennedy (The Avery Shaw Experiment)
  2.           Meet Kyle Hamilton (V is for Virgin, A is for Abstinence) 
  3.           Meet Seth Bishop (Serial Hottie)
  4.           Meet Russ Devereaux (the Supernaturals series)
  5.           Meet Ryan Miller (the Jamie Baker series)
  6.           Meet Gabriel (the Supernaturals series

Jamie Baker Extras!

Serial Hottie Extras!

The Avery Shaw Experiment Extras!
                         "I See London, I See France" (Avery POV)
                         "Purging" (Grayson POV)
                         "Too Hot To Handle" (Avery POV)
                         "Self Control, Or Lack Thereof" (Grayson POV)
                         "Most Definitely A Real Date" (Grayson POV)
                         "Post Shower Avery and Grayson Things" (Avery POV)

The Libby Garrett Intervention Extras!

V is for Virgin Extras!
    The history behind V is for Virgin & Interview with the REAL Kyle Hamilton
    The Music of V is for Virgin & the bands that inspired it. 
    Kelly talks writing and V is for Virgin on the Girls With Glasses Show
    Brian Oliver vs Kyle Hamilton -- a character comparison of my two favorite celebrities.
             (also a Cinder & Ella extra)
    Kyle's first official high school visit as a guest lecturer for the NotEverybody's Doing It Foundation -- a deleted scene from A is for Abstinence

Cinder & Ella Extras!

Video read-along with author Kelly Oram (prologue & chapter 1) 
My Cinder & Ella Dream Cast Picks
 Brian's original email to Ella (how they met)
 The Cinder & Ella playlist
 Brian Oliver vs Kyle Hamilton -- a character comparison of my two favorite celebrities
            (Also a V is for Virgin extra)
 Brian, Ella, & the Supporting Cast tour the Internet!
(My characters joined me on my blog tour and made quite a few appearances. It ended up being quite entertaining. Here are each of the interviews they did as they were originally posted...)

Supernaturals Extras!

Chapter 1 (RUSS POV)
Chameleon/Ungifted playlist

Scion playlist