Meet Eleanor Westley!

Name: Eleanor Elizabeth Westley. “Ellie” to my family. “Westley” to my friends.

Birthday: I turned 16 on good ol’ July 4th (lamest birthday ever.)

Interests: Hockey, video games, UFC, music, movies, ice cream, Seth Bishop, and hockey.

Canton High Sophomore Class Poll: Most likely to get tear gassed during a riot.

Vanilla or chocolate? Hmm… Chocolate. Unless the vanilla has lots of candy in it.

Edward or Jacob? I don’t see why anybody would prefer Sir Frowns-A-Lot to Jacob’s abs. My sister says I’d have to read the book to understand the whole “Team Edward” thing, but, yeah, like that’s gnonna happen.

Hockey or soccer? * snort * I’m insulted that you have to ask.

Ebook or paper? The closest I get to reading is the occasional comic book so, I guess, um… paper?

Salty or sweet? Sweet! I’m a sugarholic. The more processed the better. Ice cream, Twizzlers, Dr. Pepper, Little Debbies, and chocolate-peanut butter anything. Oh! And those cherry turnover things from Arby’s. Mmm.

Beach or mountains? I’ve never actually been to the mountains. In Michigan we have to ski on the old landfill. No joke. I bet skiing in the Rockies would be awesome though. Plus, the beach = water and swimsuits. Two things I’d rather have to stab myself in the eyeball with a fork than be involved with.

Phone call or email? Neither if I can help it. Anyone I need to talk to just shows up at my house or vice versa.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird. Awesome things that happen in the morning: cartoons, neighborhood street hockey games, and Seth’s uber-delicious workouts. Things that happen late at night: serial killers kidnap and stab you to death.

Dog or cat? Dog. The bigger and dumber the better.

Messy or neat? My room could be worse, despite what my mother says. But organization is definitely overrated.

Ninjas or pirates? Ninjas. DUH.

*Originally posted on Blkosiner's Book Blog as part of the Serial Hottie Blog Tour

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