Serial Hottie Dream Cast.

I've never been one to “cast” the books I read. I always manage to make mental pictures of the characters, but I've never associated them with celebrities. However, for some reason I’ve always had a very specific person in mind to be my Seth since the day I thought up the idea for Serial Hottie. I couldn’t tell you why, but I just knew it was him…

Logan Lerman is my one and only Serial Hottie. He can be cute, charming, and likable... Plus he's just so gosh darn pretty. And let's face it--he could definitely do creepy psycho killer.


The rest of the cast was much harder. Especially Ellie. Do you know how hard it is to find “tomboy” type pictures of celebrities? Then add red hair to that, and limit yourself to teenagers? Plus you need the attitude as well. The only one I could think of was the really cute girl from the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. I think Chloe Moretz is perfect for Ellie. 

Cute right? I made my husband turn her hair red in photoshop for me. Hey, she could die it for the role.

For Ellie's older sister Angela, I went with Bridgit Mendler. I love her! She can do hot and sassy and yet somehow still look nice. 

For some reason when I really had to think about Dave, Zeke from High School Musical kept coming to mind. He’s bulked up a bit since then, but it still works. Chris Warren Jr. could definitely play the cool, athletic, laid-back nice guy!

Travis was probably the easiest for me. Someone hot with muscles that could play that cocky, dumb-jock, scary, d-bag type. Paul Wesley seemed an obvious choice. I’ve never seen the Vampire Diaries and didn’t realize he was in them until I googled pictures of him. I was thinking of his role as Lucas Luther on Smallville.

So there you have it. Kelly's Serial Hottie dream cast. Now I'd LOVE to see all of your picks!

*Originally posted on Burning Impossibly Bright book blog as part of the Serial Hottie Blog Tour.

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